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Top 5 Stretchmark Solutions

Stretchmarks, also known as striae is a type of skin scarring that occurs during pregnancy, weight gain, puberty, obesity, and other physical activities. It starts off in the dermis, the elastic middle layer of skin, which allows the skin to keep its shape. But, when the skin is constantly stretched, the dermis can break down leaving behind stretch marks. Stretchmarks often starts off reddish or purplish in color and when it gets older, it becomes a silver or white color. Everyone including myself has suffered from stretchmarks and we continue to battle and find ways to reduce or eliminate them. Both men and women get them and it can be unappealing and embarrassing to have. There are a number of treatment options to remove stretchmarks new and old.

There are at least five well known stretchmark solutions which are laser surgery, dermabrasion, chemical peels, diet and exercise, and over the counter creams and lotions.

Laser Surgery, dermabrasion, and chemical peels can definitely help address unwanted stretchmarks and has good results; however, these procedures can be very costly. Also, most insurance companies will not cover stretchmarks because it is a cosmetic procedure.

Diet and exercise can help prevent stretchmarks. By drinking plenty of water, your skin stays hydrated making it less likely to develop stretchmarks. Unfortunately for all you coffee lovers, caffeine increases your risk of stretchmarks. If you're stuck drinking coffee, tea, or soda, try to balance your fluids. Drink as much or more water as you drink caffeinated beverages.

Stretchmarks can also develop from lack of nutrition. Consume foods that will promote your skin by eating foods rich in zinc such as nuts and fish. Protein-rich foods like eggs and foods high in Vitamin A and C such as carrots, citrus fruits, and milk can also help.

Over the counter creams is another alternative that has been used to help with stretchmarks; however, most have been unsuccessful. There are a few out there that has been very effective in reducing and eliminating stretchmarks. Captiva is a new skincare product that has been known to give great results and is proven to eliminate them within 25 days. The reason why this product works so well is that it has similar effects as microdermabrasion or laser therapy, but taking only a fraction of time and cost.

So, not all stretchmark creams are unsuccessful. They're plenty out there that actually work and these types of creams are not found over the counter.

If you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on stretchmark treatments, your best bet would be laser therapy or dermabrasion. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get rid of stretchmarks that can have similar effects as laser therapy and microdermabrasion, I would go with a stretchmark solution like Captiva.


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