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Treatments for Freckles

Freckles are most often seen on kids whose parents had freckles when they were kids -- they are genetic. Genetics are not the only way to get freckles. Freckles are formed and become darker when the production of melanin increases, triggered by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet light. Freckles are tiny, black spots that are predominantly found on the face, although they may appear on any skin exposed to the sun, usually occurring in those with lighter skin, red or blond hair, and in those who sunburn easily, due to excessive exposure to the sun.

For individuals vulnerable to freckles, the first thing to do is to avoid the sun. Use a heavy sunscreen whenever exposed to the sun, besides wearing a protective veil or sunglasses to shield yourself. To cure and lighten the freckles, it is also helpful to use face packs in a combination of lemon and turmeric, as both of these are lightening agents.

In addition, a freckled skin also needs intensive moisturizing. A generous combination of cleansers, creams and facemasks containing extracts of aloe, cactus and seaweed need to be used. Besides, some beauty therapists have also found products like anti-freckles lotions and ointments to be highly effective for the treatment of freckles. Keeping the skin dust-free is also equally important. Lastly, freckles are burned off with laser with this treatment. The treatment has to be carried out by a physician and is very effective, often in one treatment.

Freckles rarely develop into skin cancer. However, people with freckles need to be extra careful about sun overexposure. They are often more likely to get sunburns and skin cancer. It is important for everyone to wear sunscreen while outside to protect against skin damage and skin cancer.


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