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It Says Organic - Can I Trust the Label?

Several years ago the new fad was to eat and use anything and everything organic. From organic paper towels to vegetables, if it was organic, it was good for you and Mother Earth. Naturally (no pun intended), it was not long before the cosmetics market joined the ranks of organic goodies. Organic materials used for personal care and cosmetics have long been in existence, but users have been few and actively looking for organic possibilities.

Once the organic boom was underway, everyone realized the possible benefits from using organic products and the desire for organic lotions, makeup, soaps, and other products grew. In 2002 the USDA created a label to stamp on organic foods. Soon after, all other products with organic or agricultural ingredients could apply for the label as well. The USDA had agents and specific processes that companies were to follow before being able to obtain the label.

However, in April of 2005 the USDA pulled the label from hundreds of thousands of products, including cosmetic and personal care items. No longer could a lip balm claim it was least, not by US government standards.

Though by now the organic boom has dissipated a great deal, there are still hundreds of websites and products that push organic skin care products. Many of them claim to be 100% organic. The problem with these items is that you have no way of knowing whether or not these skin care items truly are organic. They may have some organic ingredients or maybe even just one organic ingredient and the makers have decided that is enough to qualify. They then put out the product knowing that people will see their own organic claim and go ahead and buy it.

On the other hand, there are other companies, both large and small, that do make real 100% organic products. For some people with special skin conditions, labels provide an easier way of finding organic skin care products that are more likely to be accepted by their skin. The trick is finding out which ones. With no regulation, locating the real deal can become more than cumbersome. Seekers of true organic skin care products must work through products the old fashioned way of trial and error, checking and rechecking the ingredients.


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