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Essential Skin Care For That Guy In Your Life

Men already have an advantage over women. Their skin is at least 20% thicker than the average woman's skin. No, that does not mean emotionally. Literally, men have an edge over getting wrinkles because of this difference in thickness.

Still, having such an advantage of women does not mean men will remain handsome and youthful forever. But unlike women, men tend to avoid skin care products like the plague. Skin care products are girly, and that is the last thing a man wants to feel like. Perhaps someone should inform the men of the world; proper skin care can lead to the prevention of skin cancer, something we can all agree is a good thing.

In recent decades, men, teenagers especially, have discovered the advantages to skin care, especially in the event of treating acne. However, after a certain point skin care may have become regarded by some as unnecessary or for the new age metrosexual only. Men see women in front of mirrors every day primping and priming and are not exactly enticed by the idea of doing the same with their skin.

Therefore, it is a good bet that your man, and most men out there, would be more inclined to start taking better care of their skin if they knew their own regimen would be simple and not require a lot of time. Currently there are plenty of products out on the market targeted specifically toward men, but buying him something that requires a 10-step program will probably end up on your medicine cabinet shelf getting more dust than use.

So what can you tell your guy that will make him motivated enough to start paying attention to that skin you know you love so much?

First and foremost is the importance of sunscreen. Though getting a dose of sun is helpful to skin and necessary to make it healthy, it is always possible to have too much of a good thing. Putting on a layer of sunscreen more often than not can save skin from early aging, burns, and cancer.

Fast and easy ways to keep safe from too much sun include using gel or spray on sunscreen as opposed to lotion or cream (once again removing the alleged girly factor), sporting a hat to help block sun (especially if a certain someone has a bald spot involved), avoid tanning salons as they are no safer than real sunlight, opt for tans that can easily be applied either in the forms of lotion or a spray, and in general, keep covered.

After dealing with keeping skin safe from the sun, you can help him begin looking for other ways to keep his skin fresh and healthy. Though everyone has different methods and products they use, it is always best to choose the ideal skin care system for your specific skin needs. There are some basic products that a man can use when planning out his morning skin care routine, some of which he may already be familiar with and even use on a daily basis.


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