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Sunshine In The Wintertime Is A Mixed Blessing For Your Skin

In the shortened daylight hours of winter we all crave the sunshine. We often find that we are getting up and leaving for work in the darkness and returning home in the dark. Many people are locked away in offices all day with artificial lighting and find that they rarely even see the sun during the long stretches of winter.

This can certainly make the season seem even longer more unbearable. If however, the sun does come out bright and warm one day when you are not stuck in your office you will want to take advantage and soak up as much as you possibly can. Unfortunately, there are still some precautions to take when taking in the winter sunshine.

The sun's rays contain ultra violet light, which can damage the skin even in the coldest wintertime. Getting sunburn from winter sun is just as easy as it is from hot summer sun. If you plan on spending a day out in the sun with a winter activity you should still wear a sunscreen on any skin that will be exposed. You may not feel sunburn coming on because of the cool air against your skin but it will sure enough be starting. Don't wait until you feel like you are getting burned because it is far too late then to protect your skin. Remember that damage to the skin is cumulative as well and the more times you get a burn throughout your life the more likely you are to develop skin diseases and skin cancer later on in life.

Remember that the less time you have spent in the sun over the winter the more it will need to be protected when you do get it out there to enjoy the rays. Use the strongest sunscreen available and make sure you don't forget to cover all the parts of you that will be exposed. It may sound silly but if your head will be exposed and you have very light skin you may also want to put some down the part in your hair.

This is an often-neglected spot that can burn very easily and cause you a lot of pain if it gets burned. Remember also that if your ears and neck are not covered with a hat and scarf or if you may take these items off once you get warmed up out there, you must protect them with sunscreen as well. The tops of your ears can be very sensitive to ultra violet rays. You may think your ears are red because of the cool weather only to discover later on that they are actually sunburned.

Your lips will need some strong lip balm that has a sunscreen in it as well. You won't want that glorious day in the sun to leave you with burned lips or chapped dry lips that will take a week or so to heal.

By all means, take in all the winter sunshine you can get, especially since it is such a scarce commodity. Sunshine in the wintertime helps us get the vitamin D that we need as well as helping our brains produce the serotonin that can keep us getting too down about winter! Getting sun is something that is very healthy and necessary in some ways but because of the ultra violet rays that come with that sun, we must always remember that we have to be just as vigilante about protecting our skin from damage during the long cold winter months as we are in the summertime. Not only will you be glad you don't find yourself with painful sunburn but you can be happy with yourself for being kind to the skin that has to last you a lifetime!


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