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The Real Truth About Cellulite Cures

Most of us (over 90 percent of women) are currently battling cellulite in varying degrees. But is it a battle already lost? Many women are beginning to think so, since the use of a wide range of supposed miracle cures has failed miserably and cost us an unspeakable amount of money. Is there anything more we can do to get rid of this dimpling on our thighs, arms and butts, or are we at the point where we simply must accept it as an inevitability?

It depends who you ask, really, and how much they had to spend on treatment! From tissue drainage creams to bodysuits, exercise plans to raw food diets and liposuction, there really does seem to be no way to permanently remove this dimpled skin from our bodies! Even in extreme measures such as liposuction, doctors warn that despite good primary results the tissue is bound to recreate itself in the future. Do you want to have a regular appointment at the plastic surgery clinic? I thought not. So what then? What other options are there for beating this embarrassing condition?

The choices are plentiful. Tissue drainage creams and stickers seem to do a little good, but can get expensive and will not remove the entire mark. As for exercise, well, that is always a great idea but it has little to no effect on cellulite! Since cellulite is a condition found in any sort of person, whether they are overweight, underweight or perfectly healthy, exercise will not move the dimples because they are not caused by excess fat. Cellulite is caused by the thinning of the outer layers of skin, the epidermis and the dermis. When the skin is unhealthy it thins and weakens, and allows the permanent layer of fat beneath it to show through. This is where the dimpling comes from.

Some of the more popular and exciting theories around cellulite treatment are based on this knowledge. Researchers and some medical professionals feel that if the patient is treated for the weakened skin on affected areas, the damage can be repaired and the dislodged fat cells pushed back down out of view. Treatment is a full skin regime that includes exfoliation, high vitamin supplement intake, exercise and moisturisers. Results on these methods are sketchy at best, however, and it remains to be seen whether the research will progress past this point.

It seems that in light of all these failures, we are best off ignoring the myriad of products all around us and simply learning to live with our condition! After all, if only women everywhere did not go to such great lengths to hide their cellulite, the world would soon see that it is actually the norm and not the exception. The vast, vast majority of women do have dimpled skin somewhere on their bodies, regardless of weight, age, diet or exercise regime. Believe it or not, there are twenty year old girls who weigh 110 pounds and would not be caught dead in a bikini! Is this really how the world works? Is it fair that people who eat well, exercise, keep fit and enjoy life are afraid to try on swimwear in public simply to hide a condition that nine out of ten other women share?

Come on, be brave. Stop avoiding the beach, and quit hiding from your husband or boyfriend when he wants a look at you in your underwear! If you are fit and healthy, it is high time you shrugged off a few dimples and got on with your life.


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