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Always Remember Your Feet

We tend to neglect our feet. Hair, eyes, skin, thighs, butt...these all get hours of attention and lovely new products, but our feet seem to miss out on the fun. While our faces are being scrubbed, moisturised and painted perfectly, and our hair is being washed, oiled and styled, our feet remain rough, slightly sweaty and sporting just a few hairs. Why is it that we see no reason to pamper our feet like we do the rest of our bodies? Is it simply because our feet are easier to hide, and therefore the effort is wasted? What is your reason?

Invariably, everyone will have a reason, but the fact remains that a person cannot feel fully beautiful until her (or his!) feet have had as much fuss made over them as every other part of the body. And why not? Feet do a lot for us, they deserve a treat every now and again. Whether it is the miles of walking downtown, the hours of standing at your customer service job, or just the effects of the weather, your feet - on close inspection - are sure to need a little tender loving care.

The best foot care comes in three parts: exfoliation, moisturising and massage. If you are one of those people who is squeamish about your feet, now is the time to get over it! The benefits of full foot care treatments will far outweigh any niggling doubts you have about the state of your feet. Just keep in mind - almost no one has nice feet! If you do use a specialist, he or she will have seen a hundred pairs, most of them probably worse than yours, so let it go and just enjoy yourself. That is what it is all about, after all!

Exfoliation is the first step to foot care, and it is important because the act of scrubbing lifts off dead, rough skin from the soles of your feet while uncovering hidden bacteria that causes foot odour and fungus. There are many very lovely foot scrubs available to you, so take your time in choosing one that is perfect for you. Watermelon, mint, strawberry, jojoba or vanilla, there are thousands of different scented foot scrubs to choose from, and most of them are absolutely divine! Choose something that you feel will refresh your senses and make your feet feel as pampered as possible. Once you have found the right scrub, it is time to take off those shoes and get down to business!

After exfoliation comes the moisturiser. Your scrubbing efforts will have removed the top layer of dead and rough skin cells likely built up on your heels and soles, so a rich moisturiser will work to put a little smoothness back into your step. Do not skip this step - if you want to feel the life back in your feet then you truly do need to put a nice thick coat of lotion on. Do not be content to simply scrub away the rough edges and leave it at that, oh no! Full foot care comes in three stages and you will thank yourself for performing all three steps later.

Last, the massage! This is best performed by someone other than yourself, so either book yourself into the salon or commandeer your significant other for a good twenty minutes (at least). Your feet do an awful lot for you, and this massage will let them know you really appreciate it - heavenly. If you have been neglecting your feet, now is the time to set them straight. Do not put it off any longer!


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