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Discovering The Joys Of Hand Care

Compared with the thousands of people who make monthly appointments at the beauty salon for haircuts, colour treatments, unwanted hair removal, facials and make-up, relatively few will go in for a manicure. Why is this? Maybe it is simply a case of not wanting to appear posh or too indulgent - after all, when most of us think of a manicure we really are only thinking of the painted nails at the end of it. Should we be moving past this strange phenomenon that states we may go to the salon but not for a manicure? Hand care specialists would say so.

The fact is that a manicure is not merely an appointment to have your nails done. In fact, there are men who have this treatment done regularly and they certainly do not come out with their nails painted pastel pink or sporting patterns! So what does go on when you book an appointment? Essentially, a manicure is a way for you to look after you hands - they will be moisturized, massaged, pampered, and, if you like, painted! A manicure is really a wonderful way of looking after yourself, and if you have trouble with this concept then maybe it would be helpful to think of it in terms of a massage. After all, no one will dispute the positive benefits of a massage!

Hand care specialists will tend to needs you never knew you had - cuticles will be pushed back off the nail, nails will be filed smooth and even, the tiniest of hangnails will be clipped and moisturised into non-existence and best of all, your hands will be massaged! This may seem a strange experience for those of you who never have tried a manicure, but the hand massage is undoubtedly the most decadent part of hand care and one of these will have you coming back for more as soon as you spot the tiniest imperfection on your hands. It is luxurious, done with a thick and creamy lotion, soothing music and is positively one of the best experiences in life!

Chances are, you do not often stop to consider all the stresses you put your hands through. Day in and day out they are typing, washing dishes, slicing vegetables, opening jars, putting together flat pack furniture and all for no thanks whatsoever. The moment you relax into a hand massage, you will feel the true weight of your lifestyle on those poor hands and understand just how important it is that they are pampered along with the rest of you.

If in doubt, why not go in and have a little chat with your local hand care specialist? She (or he) will be able to run through the basics of hand care with you, and you may be surprised to discover that she is actually very knowledgeable when it comes to the inner bone, muscle and cartilage structure of your hands and wrists! She will use this information to figure out which parts of your hands are under the most stress and where you carry your tension. Based on this, she will be able to give you a more satisfying massage and manicure experience, surely one you will not forget any time soon!

You might not think that your hands are worth it, but you will soon change your mind if only you take the chance! Go on, make yourself an appointment and see what you think. If you want, you can even have little flowers painted on your nails at the end!


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