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How To Successfully Avoid Hyperpigmentation

None of us look forward to that time in our lives when we may be struck by hyperpigmentation, and yet it is often thought of as an inevitability. There is no reason we need to succumb to this idea! With a few simple guidelines you should never have to fall victim to this condition.

Hyperpigmentation is commonly referred to as liver spots and is associated with the elderly. It is a discoloration of melanin (skin pigment) that turns a darker shade than the rest of the skin. Melanin is programmed to absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun in order to protect the rest of the skin and body. This pigment is in everyone, and is commonly concentrated into freckles and moles. Such areas are known to expand and grow darker with exposure to the sun; this is because the UV light is being absorbed. With hyperpigmentation, the condition occurs without the presence of a mole or freckle, and large, unattractive patches can occur on any part of the body.

Although many people still do not understand hyperpigmentation, the truth is quite simple. The condition is caused by sun damage, and therefore if necessary precautions are taken, there is no reason that you or anyone else should contract the condition. Now there you go, some good news! It is certainly a relief to realise that you will not necessarily have to endure the age spots that your grandmother did. Of course your grandmother was terrific, but that is no reason you should copy her looks exactly! Age spots do tend to show up on elderly people more than anyone else, but if you look more closely at those around you, you might notice that younger people who have outdoor jobs have developed the same pattern prematurely. It is purely a sun related issue!

So the first step towards protecting yourself is to resist any unnecessary exposure to the sun and those harmful UV rays. How can you do this? It is actually very simple, assuming that you work indoors! The sun is most harmful between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, depending on the season and where you live, so keep that in mind if you are venturing outdoors for any reason. It is important that you keep your skin covered up; wear long sleeves, long pants, a hat and anything else you have lying around! Clothing is the best protection against the sun, so use it. When it comes to your face, this is the most common site of hyperpigmentation. Why? Simply because most of us do not wear a covering over our faces. Desert cultures like the Muslims have adapted to their climate by wearing veils and protective scarfs, however it is not a part of Western culture to do this and so most of us are still at risk.

If you want to protect your face, you must buy a strong sunscreen. Doctors recommend SPF 15 as a foundation base, but if you plan to be outside under a blazing sun for a few hours, go for a higher number of protection. There are many makeup products that include sunscreen protection, so if you are concerned about your foundation and eyeliner then look for a brand that has worked sun protection into the product.

It is simple: keep your skin covered and protected from the sun, and you will not suffer from age spots at any age. Get out the sunscreen and keep that youthful glow for as long as you can!


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