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What You Can Do To Ensure You Practice Safe Sun Tanning

We need to face the facts. Excess exposure to the sun is bad for us...all of us. Regardless of skin colour, age or gender, UV rays are deadly and need to be avoided. Oddly enough, despite medical evidence supporting this claim, ours is a culture still obsessed with tanning. The phenomenon is unstoppable. Girls of a younger and younger age claim that they only feel healthy with a golden brown tan. They spend hundreds of dollars to earn that sizzling colour and chase away all remnants of white, pale skin. What is to be done? With the fad spreading ever further each summer, it seems that there is no way from stopping the thousands of sun worshippers from donning the bikini and hitting the blazing beach.

The fact remains that even if a tan is not foremost on your mind while lounging in your beach chair, you still enjoy the warmth of a summer day. This is perfectly natural, and will likely never change. There is really no substitute for putting on a bathing suit, digging your toes into the warm sand and just enjoying life out in the sun for a few hours. It is nourishing, can make you happy after a hard week or month of thankless work! The truth is, none of us are ever going to completely shut the sun out of our lives, and we should not have to. After all, we are creatures of the earth and the sun has always been an important aspect in our lives as a species!

So, basically, cutting the sun tanning out completely is laughable. So what we need to do is develop the good habits that will protect us while we are doing the naughty out in the sun. How do we do this? The key is to time your sun exposure and cover up after your allocated time in the sun. Where you are in the world can make a big difference on UV rays, so do a little research into your part of the world to check out the length of time it is safe to remain in the sun. In Australia, for example, the sun is very strong and it is inadvisable to remain outdoors without serious skin protection for more than fifteen minutes at some times in the year. Any time beyond this, and you are well on your way to a sunburn, which will greatly increase your risks of skin cancer. To avoid this, just remember the amount of time you can safely remain in the direct sunlight, and stick by it. After that allotted amount of time, you will need to cover up with some long sleeved and long legged clothes and slap on another coat of strong sunscreen.

Granted, there will be days when you want to spend more than your fifteen minutes or one hour in the sun. The important thing is to not overdo your sun exposure repeatedly. It may be alright to spend an entire day outside if you cover up properly, and this is fine. You just need to keep in mind that you cannot keep the pace up. Spending each and every day in the sun is not an option, and unless you actually work outdoors you should keep the exposure down. If you do work outdoors, chances are you are already fully aware of the risks of your job, because you cannot help but pay attention to the health warnings. If this is the case, you should wear long sleeved, long legged clothing, a hat and any other accessories that can keep your skin covered and unaffected by UV rays.

Enjoy the sun, but do not let it bring you down!


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