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Looking For Fast Acting Dry Skin Care

The annoyance and unsightly patches of dry skin happens from time to time. The dryness of skin is caused by a numerous reasons, but the root results show in the lack of the skin's proper water amount that would normally keep the skin soft and plump. The ideal percentage of water that skin should always have is at the least 25% or more. When you are getting enough water and your skin is holding it in well, this will mean that the sebaceous lands of the skin is doing its job of the right amount in oily sebum production. Although, most often is the harsh environmental reasons for skin dryness, dry skin can also happen from not eating the proper daily diet of healthy foods too.

One of the most common reasons for outer environmental dry skin is often of our own doing. It is best to only use non-allergenic completely natural body soaps, clothes detergents and fabric softeners, and even cleaners throughout your home. The products that are not purely natural will most always have harsh chemicals that may be causing your dry skin problems or at least add to the overall dry skin issues that you are trying to get rid of.

Mostly in winters, people have dry skin which could directly be due to taking too hot of showers or baths. Hot showers and baths are infamous for the barrier breakdown of the lipid that normally is a skin protector. So to have this vital skin protection, take only showers and baths that are lukewarm. It is also very important to put good protective moisturizers from head to toe after all your baths and showers. These can be of cream variations or oil substances, like baby oil so to hold in your skin's moisture.

This rule also includes hot tubs, and extends on into indoor heating too. For those that love their hot tub, make sure to lower the temperature, so not to have skin damage from excessive heat. As far as any kind of air blown central heating and other heaters will eventually dry out the skin, unless you are keeping enough moisturizers rubbed into your skin often, and keep your body replenished regularly with water, dry skin is going to continue being a problem. Another extra in home protector for your skin is to have a good humidifier going during the winter months of heater usage.


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