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Role Of Vitamins In Keeping The Skin Healthy

Vitamins are what the body and skin thrives on. Without the proper amounts of all the vitamins and minerals that required, the body and mind cannot function at its fullest capacity. For optimum health of skin, there needs to be the right amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, B complex, plenty of minerals and anti-oxidants. With all of these combined coming from a good healthy daily diet, you will then sport the skin with a glowing radiance of youthfulness.

Dermatologists have now discovered the importance of vitamin C for skin that will counter act any ill effects of exposure to the sun. With vitamin C, free radicals caused by the harmful sunlight byproducts, pollutions and smoke are all reduced. The reason that it is so important to remove free radicals is because they are what eats up the elastin and collagen that are required to prevent the skin to wrinkle and sag. For keeping the youthful wrinkle-free skin, there has to be plenty of citrus types of fruits, and all kinds of vegetables.

Vitamin E also protects the skin from any ill effects of sun exposure, and vitamin E is helpful in wrinkle reduction of the skin. With the right amounts of vitamin E, there will be a smoother feel and appearance of the overall skin. Fruits like blueberries and mangoes along with many other fruits and vegetables are good vitamin E sources for the healthiest of skin.

For those of us not getting enough vitamin A, it will start to quickly show in the dryness and flakiness of the skin. Vitamin A is also required for the proper repair and maintenance of damaged skin tissue. Again, it is plenty of fruits and vegetables that must be eaten for the optimum Vitamin A levels taken in naturally. Milk and milk based products are too, good sources of vitamin A foods.

Vitamin B complex includes the most important of the B vitamins of the biotin nutrient. This is the nutrient vital to the formations of skin, hair and nail cells. When there are not the adequate amounts of vitamin B, this will show by having scaly and itchy skin. The best foods for vitamin B nutrients include oatmeal, bananas rice and eggs.

Vitamin K combined with vitamin A as a topical cream is wonderful for applying beneath your eyes for decreasing the darkness of those circles. Bruises of the skin also benefit from this topical vitamin mixture.


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