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Remove Eczema - 2 Myths Busted

Eczema affects any age whether you are a child or grown up; over 40 million people suffer from this skin condition. With such a large number of people living in discomfort people are looking for ways to cure their discomfort and get rid of it once and for all. This article is going to explain how to remove eczema and some of the lies that are floating around that you should not believe.

Myth 1. People have been told that there are Medically "proven" cure all pills to remove eczema.

There are many products on the market that promise to help remove this skin condition quickly. However most of these advertisements seem too good to be true; that is because they DO NOT work. There is no such thing as removing your eczema overnight. You must learn how to make changes in your current lifestyle. Such as personal hygiene, diet, clothing and etc. You can easily begin feeling discomfort from this skin condition by using soap products in your home that do not contain any harmful perfumes or chemicals. Stay away from using drugs if possible; Elidel and Protopic are two such drugs that have been proven to cause cancer in many types of animals during testing as well as causing respiratory problems in young children and people who have a weak immune system. Your eczema is linked to your immune system; so this should be a warning for you to stay away from them.

You can easily provide yourself or anyone you know comfort from this illness by simply making changes to your diet. Quit eating diets that contain high acidity and begin eating more vegetables and fruits. If you are not sure which foods are recommended for people who have eczema; purchase a eczema diet book from your local book store or health store to find out what foods are good for you or not.

Myth 2. Drink plenty of "mint" tea; it will help remove eczema or any other ailment.

This is false as well when I drank mint tea it did nothing but itch my sores and made them worse. While it is true that some teas are good for you; mint is not one of them. If you enjoy drinking tea and you suffer from this skin condition; drink a tea that consists of burdock root, red clover, and yellow dock. These herbs can be a great source to help you with your skin condition. You can find these herbs at your local health store and make the tea from the comfort of your home. You boil some distilled water, add an equal amount of all three herbs and let it cool down to where it is comfortable enough for you to drink. To see the best results from these herbs; you should drink them at least three to four times everyday.

If you currently suffer from this disease; you can find ways to cure it naturally; you do not have to keep using drugs. If you found these tips on how to "remove eczema" helpful; visit our website below it is filled with tons of natural methods to help you with your skin condition without using drugs and worry about side effects. Are you itching to cure that annoying eczema! What if you could cure it in just 14 days using nothing but natural methods.


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