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Tired Of Living With Eczema - Embarrassment

Anyone who suffers from this skin condition understand the inconvenience and discomfort that it causes. If you are tired of living with eczema this article will provide information to help you stop the itching and to take steps to prevent it if you do not currently suffer from this illness. Eczema can drive you crazy with the intense itching; however scratching the sores on your skin will only worsen the condition when you introduce the bacteria from your fingernails. So how can you stop yourself from scratching and help get rid of the eczema altogether? Many research studies have found that it is difficult to cure this condition; however there are several home remedies that have worked for some people; feel free to put some of them to use if you are tired of living with eczema; some of them may work for you.

1. It all begins with your personal hygiene; this is the best way to prevent the illness and how to stop it from spreading. If you are not already showering or bathing at least twice a day; you should begin doing this. The reason for this is because you want to keep your skin as moist as possible. Toss out all your soap products that contain harsh chemicals and perfumes; as they can cause flareups of the condition. Do not use sponges for washing your body; as these can scratch your sores and open up the wounds.

2. Water temperature should be no higher than 85 degrees. The hotter the water the drier your skin will become.

3. Apply emollients and lotions directly after you shower. Emollients should be used right after a shower when your skin is still moist from your shower. Emollients contain a fat substance that will help lock the moisture in your body and keep your skin moisturized longer than a typical lotion. During the day you should carry a bottle of lotion with you where ever you go; so you can continually add lotion to your hands to prevent them from becoming dry. If you can learn how to keep your skin from becoming dry; chances are your skin will not itch as much as it does when it is dry.

4. Use lotions such as blueberry leaf lotion or extract. The blueberry leaves are great for eczema sufferers because they contain a natural form of acid inside of them which can help with the outbreaks on the inflamed areas of the skin.

5. Natural Vitamin E cream is another excellent lotion remedy that can help with the skin condition. Always use the Natural Vitamin E lotion; as the synthetic type does not have the same positive effects on skin conditions.

Of course if you have a severe case and you can not find any comfort in anything that you have attempted; visit your family doctor they will have some kind of medication that will help you with your discomfort. If you are tired of living with eczema visit our website below it is filled with valuable information on how to treat your skin condition naturally without using drugs.


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