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Suggest Eczema Relief - Without Using Drugs

Are you an eczema suffer who takes medications that seem to not be working? Do not become discouraged you can find natural methods to treat your eczema and this article is going to suggest eczema relief without using drugs. Even if you have tried all kind of home remedies and have not found something that works for you; you are sure to find something if you continue trying new things.

1. There are several topical home remedies that can be used for eczema. One involves mixing one teaspoon of camphor with one teaspoon of sandalwood paste and applying it directly to the affected areas on your body. Another treatment that people have used is to rub a nutmeg against a smooth stone slab and add some water to make it into a paste substance that you then apply directly to the eczema sores.

2. Mix brewers yeast with water until it become paste like and again applying it to the infected areas. Do not rub off; it will eventually dry out and crumble off by itself. This is another remedy that is known to be effective for this skin condition.

3. Bag Balm which is a salve that is used to help relieve cracking in cow udders. It has been known to help rid some skin infections; apply it directly to your eczema by rubbing some gently on the infected areas of your body.

4. Primrose oil is an alternative to using traditional drugs. It is a natural treatment that does not have any harmful side effects and is known to provide relief to the discomfort and pain. This is a great remedy to suggest eczema relief without using drugs.

5. Original Noxema has been known to provide relief from the itching.

6. Zinc taken in the correct doses is another remedy to help with this skin ailment. However do not take more than 30 milligrams per day as an over use of zinc can lead to copper deficiency.

7. Blueberry lotion or extract has been known to have an acid that will help reduce the swelling and inflammation in the infected areas of your skin. Begin applying it everyday and eventually you will see the results it can have on your skin.

If you can change your current lifestyle and begin making small changes in your diet and soap products that you use; you can prevent this condition from occurring. Some of these tips are preventative however if you can prevent yourself from acquiring eczema you will not have to worry about the question "suggest eczema relief without using drugs." The most important tip to remember if you currently suffer from this condition is; do Not scratch no matter how much it itches. Follow some of the tips above and it they will provide the relief you are looking for. If you are tired of living with this skin condition and are ready to discover some natural cures that are guaranteed to work in just 14 days; visit the website below for all the details. You can begin implementing them into your lifestyle today!


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