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Holistic Eczema Treatments - 4 Natural Remedies

Many people who suffer with eczema choose holistic eczema treatment; because they understand that prescription drugs may provide relief short term; however are not beneficial for the long term use. Doctors most often will prescribe a topical steroid lotion or cream; and it will provide relief. However if used too often it could cause harmful side effects. This article is going to provide you with several holistic eczema treatments that may include diet changes, the topical use of medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements.

Flaxseed oil is often recommended as a holistic eczema treatment; because it is a great source of essential fats. The fats in the flaxseed will help decrease inflammation. People who have acquired this skin condition most likely have low levels of essential fatty acids in their bodies. A typical dose of flaxseed oil that can help you with this skin ailment consists of one tablespoon per day. Research has shown that eating two raw potatoes per day has worked for some people in curing their eczema. It does not matter what size the potatoes are if you decide to use this home remedy; just make sure you scrub them clean before you bite into it.

Diet changes are extremely important with home remedies. Begin by eliminating the food that is responsible for causing the outbreaks of your condition. If you are unfamiliar with what food to eliminate from your diet; you can visit a dietician or pick up a book on eczema diets. Some of the foods that can cause outbreaks are milk, shellfish, oranges and peanuts and etc. If you can avoid these foods you may notice a huge difference in the way your skin feels.

Crisco Vegetable oil has been used in some home treatments to help keep the skin nice and moist. Eczema outbreaks are known to occur when the skin becomes dry; if you can learn how to keep your skin nice and moist you will reduce the chances of further outbreaks. Primrose oil, bag balm, St. John's wort have also been known to be effective against this skin condition. These products can be applied to dry cracked skin to help the healing process of this skin ailment.

Lotions such as Vitamin E is another great remedy for eczema. It can help bring relief to the itching; and has a nutrient in it that will help begin the healing process. However only the natural form of Vitamin E will do this; the synthetic form will not have the same effect.

The main thing to remember when you are using holistic eczema treatments; it all begins with your personal hygiene. Are you fed up with the constant itching and pain that is associated with eczema? What if you could cure your eczema in 14 days using nothing but natural methods? Visit our website below it if filled with more holistic eczema treatments you can begin applying immediately to get your beautiful skin back. Even if you have attempted several things in the past; you may find something that will work for you as well.


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