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It Is Important To Define Cold Sores And Its Causes!

Cold sore is a small blister filled with fluid that normally appears on the edge of the lip or around the mouth, and is a viral infection that attacks the skin and nerves. It is usually caused by the herpes simplex virus type-1, which is extremely contagious. Caution should be taken by those with this type virus which can be transmitted by direct skin contact, sharing the eating utensils, drinking cups, towels with others.

Herpes simplex virus cannot be permanently cured from the body. It wills stays dormant in the skin and causes recurrences of cold sores every once in a while. Herpes Simplex can lie dormant for many years in your body before showing up in the form of a cold sore. Cold sores are extremely contagious and very painful sores.

The virus can be transmitted from person to person and most commonly by direct skin contact. An infected person can give you a cold sore if you drink from the same glass that he or she is using. Or if you kiss an infected person on the lips, you will be in the high risk of being infected by this type of virus on your lips.

It is important to note that herpes simplex virus type-1 can not only spread between people, but also to other parts of the infected person's body. During an outbreak, you can easily spread the virus to someone else or to other parts of your body. Fever blisters on the cornea can cause blindness. Several conditions can triggers latent virus to activate. These include stress, illness, fever, too much exposure to the sun, and diet.


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