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Microdermabrasion and New Technology

Microdermabrasion treatment is soon becoming a necessity among people. Everyone wants to look good and have a flawless skin and complexion. Seeing this trend manufacturers have come up with machines that help in effective treatment and give the patients the desired results. There are different manufacturers like Parisian Peel, Claiederm, Dermaglow, and others offering microdermabrasion supplies. They area consistently thriving to deliver better products which are apt fusion of technology and user friendliness. For example Espritt Duette by Parisian Peel effectively combines Parisian Peel Medical Microdermabrasion technology with Diamond Skin Tone. It is an efficient skin renewable product designed to meet the growing needs of the doctors. The dermatologist can easily switch from crystal based to crystal free treatments, not only between the patients, but also during a single session! This sounds interesting right... But is this useful to the person to whom the treatment is given. When applied you don't feel the pain and are absolutely relaxed.

There are different machines available in the market known for their versatile skin treatment, single hand piece to increase operator control. An important feature is that special flick switch helps in changing the mode of operation from crystal based to crystal free microdermabrasion treatment. This feature in a way reduces fatigue and assists doctors in giving the best treatment to the clients. Well newly introduced microdermabrasion machines might have these and other unique features like touch pad control, digital information displays, service alert messages and easy access compartment.

Look out for the features that will help you in judging the other products available in the market and help in making a wiser decision. To help you in knowing better about the new technology, let's talk in brief about the features. Let's begin with touch pad controls. As the name suggest without much force you can just press the button and start the treatment. They are easy to read, use, and clean. Sometimes, during the treatment it becomes necessary to get precise readings and get the alert messages, for this there is a digital information display. This further guides you to provide clients with persuasive results. For trouble free performance, special service alert message is there. Too easily find crystals and waste canisters there are easy to access compartments there are aluminum oxide abrasive crystals available. With the machine it is necessary to buy accessories like Diamond Tome Wands, Disc Filters. HEPA Filters and Tubing, Diamond Tome Wands are available in different degrees of coarseness to address the skin care needs.


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