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The Big Skin Care Moisturizing Secret Revealed

The single most important breakthrough in skin care is to understand the only true way to completely moisturize the skin is to add water directly into it. While this is a subject that most people do not know and the big beauty and cosmetic companies conveniently overlook, it has been researched and the conclusion is unanimous. Oils and lubricants do not truly moisturize the skin, but only appear to. For years the big cosmetic companies and beauty manufacturers have kept a close guarded secret while continuing to sell their line of products to the public consumer. While they continue to push their moisturizers to the consumer they know that there is only one true way to really moisturize and rehydrate the skin. And it is not in the Emollient, Occlusive and Humectant types of moisturizers they are selling.

1. Emollient: Most common. Fills space between flakes of skin with oil droplets to smoothen the roughened surface, BUT... there is no moisturization of the stratum corneum, no replenishment of skin surface lipids, humectants, NMF or amino acids. Using heavy oils, waxes and greases does not prevent excessive water loss or satisfy skin and water migration requirements. Does not counter act the effects of age and environment. Has no lasting effect and does not restore the acid pH.

2. Occlusive: Over-hydrating and much more damaging. Physically blocks the entire surface to the stratum corneum, preventing water loss and glandular secretions. BUT... it is harmful to reduce water loss by more than 40%, since the excessive water will cause: Maceration of tissue and cells, increased germ levels and loss of function. Skin is much more vulnerable to chemicals, infection and so on. Grease addiction frequently results. Does not satisfy skin or water migration requirements.

3. Humectant: Dramatically increases the rate of normal water loss by stripping the stratum corneum, thus attracting water out of the deeper tissues, BUT... there is loss of necessary surface lipids and proteins. Rapid loss of water to the atmosphere with deep epidermal and dermal tissue dehydration. Thin stratum corneum causes skin to be more vulnerable to fungi, bacteria, viral infections, chemicals, sunlight and absorption of impurities. Also lost are some of the cholesterol and squalene precursors of Vitamin D production. Does not add water or satisfy skin and water migration requirements.

Now you may not understand everything you have just read but in an overall summary it is telling you that the moisturizers that are being sold to the general public consumers by these big Beauty and Cosmetic companies can actually cause more harm than good. The truth be told that these types of moisturizers can certainly damage the skin as shown above in the characteristics of each type. The only true way to moisturize the skin is using water.

We are told to drink at least 6-8 8oz. glasses of water a day to maintain our health and beauty. Now just imagine if we could get water into our skin as well as our body. Is this at all possible?

Now, I'm sure you've been to the beach or taken showers and find that you must use a towel to dry your skin. That is because your skin's surface is virtually water proof. The water just lies on top of your skin. Scientific discoveries have proven that putting water into the skin's deeper layers is the only true way to moisturize your skin which in turn diminishes just about all types of skin conditions and problems. It reduces and more or less reverses the effects of aging resulting in smooth wrinkle free skin. It allows the skin to return to its state as when you were younger. Almost like finding the "Fountain of Youth" that Ponce Deleon was searching for centuries before.

For years the medical field such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been using and suggesting a special moisturizer to their patients and clients. Over 30 years of research went into producing this one of a kind U.S. Govt. patented moisturizer. The myths of using the Emollient, Occlusive and Humectant types of moisturizers are laid to rest. While these types of moisturizers give the appearance of moisturizing your skin, they do not truly do what you are led to believe.


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