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How Honey Can Help And Repair Your Skin - Living Holistically

Beeswax produced by Honey bees is one of the oldest forms of organic compounds from the Neolithic Age. The first documented use of beeswax for medicinal purposes was documented in scriptures in 5000 BC which depicted beeswax mixed with propolis, which is a mixture of various plant resins, and then applied topically for its antibacterial properties on wounds to promote healing and recovery.

In the times of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra would use a mix of Aloe Vera, Honey and various oils on her body and hair. Sometimes a milk and honey bath would be prepared for Cleopatra as she soaked her whole body inside to moisturize and remove the toxins from the day. This was part of her daily skin care routine, and was copied by the most elite in Egypt, since honey was considered scarce and only available to the rich who were able to harvest it.

In the times of mid-evil Europe, Honey was mass produced by peasants and was used as a form of currency usually paid to feudal lords in Germany, Austria and Prague.

Bacteria cannot grow or survive when honey is applied because it has strong anti-bacteria properties due to its high potassium content. Honey retains and attracts moisture, so when it is applied to the skin, it keeps the moisture intact and close to the skin until it is absorbed. This activity is called a humentact, or adding and trapping moisture.

Important Note: Only honey is that only organic and chemical free honey should be used in skin care routines. This is not the same honey you find in your supermarket because it has been processed, diluted and other chemicals have been added. Organic and chemical free honey should only be used because it maintains all its original vitamins and anti-oxidant properties. Make sure that when you are purchasing a honey lotion, it does not contain any harmful or other chemicals that would interfere with the antioxidant power of the original organic honey. For a great suggestion on a Honey Body lotion, refer to this organic honey lotion. All Made from Earth products are holistic and chemical free.


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