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Tanning Beds - The Risks And Benefits Compared To Sunlight

A cosmetic tan is produced by the ultraviolet radiation that emits from a tanning bed. The spectrum of UV rays that are emitted by a tanning bed are designed to emulate those of the sun. Tanning beds typically use phosphor blended fluorescent lamps. Recently, tanning beds have grown in popularity. This is due in part to the newfound awareness of the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. People are seeking out a safer alternative to the fashionable and popular tan, and are finding it in this controlled environment.

There are risks and potential ailments involved with the use of tanning beds, and it is wise to be aware of them before you begin to use one. It's important to know how to properly utilize a tanning bed or a tanning salon, as they are similar to tanning outside, on the beach.

Many of us enjoy the look of a natural tan however we don't have the time to spend in the sun. We then turn to the use of tanning beds which when used correctly can be just as safe as natural sunlight. This is because we can better monitor our exposure to UVA and UVB rays in a tanning bed over natural sunlight which we have little control over.

One way to replicate the traditional tanning process in a controlled environment is to use a tanning bed. The tanning bed tans you through UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays exactly the same way as the sun tans you. Tanning salons provides you with personalized environment and controls based on the time you wish to be exposed to rays and also the kind of rays the skin itself is exposed to. Beaches generally do not provide such a kind of personalized control.

Using a tanning bed is easy. To get a good tan you must first get a base tan which is a deep tan that penetrates the surface of the skin. It can take up to eight sessions to achieve a base tan depending on your skin pigmentation. Tanning salon employees should be able to assist you with the use of a tanning bed and help you determine the length of time you need to use it.

Evidently, anyone with a fair complexion should limit exposure to ultraviolet rays given by a tanning bed as it emits the same type of rays from the sun. After attaining a base tan from a tanning bed, it is essential to slowly work your way towards a desired skin tone. Tanning salons use wolfe sun star super beds. However, there are tanning beds residential rentals that are accessible in many places.

Tanning beds do not provide identical ultraviolet rays to the sun's rays. The ultraviolet rays provided by a tanning bed are concentrated making them much stronger than the sun. If you are considering the use of a tanning bed keep in mind that your exposure to the ultraviolet rays will need to be shorter in duration than the natural sun because of their concentration.


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