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The History Of Natural And Organic Skin Care - How To Have A Beautiful Face!

History of Organic and Natural Beauty

Ancient civilizations used organic and natural sources for their beauty and skin care routines. Some of the best natural products on the market today can be traced to techniques used by the ancient civilizations who did not use chemicals and toxins in their skin care routines. Just natural and organic flowers, balms and plant extracts.

Ancient Egypt Exfoliation

The ancient civilization of Egypt is well known for its rigourous and natural skin care routine. They were the first civilization where a document form of routine skin care was first noted. Exfoliation was first noted in ancient Egypt where some sects would combine natural aloe vera fluid with sand from the beach to wash out there skin and cleanse their pores. The sand added a grainy effected to the Aloe Vera, that allowed the natural miracle fluid to penetrate their pores and remove impurities. After rubbing their bodies down with the sand and Aloe Vera mixture, the Egyptians would take long warm body dips in the hot springs.

In Ceasars Rome, witch hazel and honey was used raw and rubbed on the skin because it contained antioxidant and antiseptic properties. This was used as what can be thought of today as like a cleanser, and it was proven to be helpful in preventing acne.

The Greek Berries

Berry trees were plentiful in ancient Greece and the women of ancient Greece put them to good use. They crushed berries (blackberries, cranberries and blueberries) and mixed them with milk to make a paste that would then be applied to the face and left on for hours. The high antioxidant content of the berries was extremely powerful in removing the free radicals from the skin, and unveiling a natural fresh healthy looking skin. A berry facial was the most common of the beauty treatments in Ancient Greece, and was only for the highest class of citizens.

In the present day, we at Made from Earth would like to go back to that time where natural means were used to bring out the natural beauty in all of us.


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