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Some Tips On How To Manage Eczema

Eczema is a skin disease that is associated with decrease in lipids on the skin, leaving scratchy and scaly surface, characterized by patches and other inflammations on the skin. It is more common in elderly people and those who bath frequently and it is even more common in the cold winter season or in places where it is usually very cold throughout the year. Excess water loss from skin makes it loose its elasticity and forms fissures.

Men are more affected than women and the condition is also known to affect young people. There are many risk factors which include low humidity in the atmosphere, making people who live in such areas more susceptible to the disease. Lack of water or lack of enough water in the body will make one suffer from the condition. Dehydration is a cause of many diseases and this one is no exception. One must make sure that they are well hydrated at least to rule out the possibility of coming down with eczema.

A hot bath is usually a good idea for many and is a pleasurable experience to feel hot water running through your body. Hot baths have been known to cause the disease. Some people bath with water that is too hot that they become used to it and they can no longer feel it. Sorry to break your bubble but those very hot baths have to go. The skin only requires warm water that soothes and massages the surface rather that hot water which can scorch your skin cells without you realizing it.

Sometimes back, doctors used to look at the skin of children to tell whether they were malnourished. Malnutrition can put one at risk of contracting eczema. Malnutrition is not only lack of food but lack of vital nutrients in the body. One does not have to starve to to be malnourished. It could be that the nutrients that one is consuming are not doing the job they are supposed to be doing. This can occur due to other illnesses and it is good for one not to neglect the kind of nutrients and the amount they are taking in. There are various types of eczema including one that is hereditary. For one to know whether they suffer from the condition, they need to visit a hospital where they will undergo a skin analysis test in a laboratory.

It is vital for one to avoid harsh skin lotions or creams. It could be that one is allergic to certain elements and chemicals and hence the problem manifests as eczema. Not just external factors only but, what one eats may contributes if they have an allergy for it. Sweating may cause itching to people and some scratch too harshly, irritating the skin. This in turn might develop to the condition, and therefore people should wear clothes that absorb sweat and avoid scratching - if possible. One can put ice cubes or something ice cold on surfaces where itching is severe.


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