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Natural Skin Care Remedies For Soft, Supple, Glowing Skin

When most people look for skin care remedies, they an often focus too much on products you apply to the skin. That may sound strange, and in fact products which apply direct to the skin can have positive effects, but it's important not to forget remedies that work from the inside to out, and this is certainly true with natural remedies for skin.

The usual reason for buying skin care products is to reduce or hold back the so called 'ravages of time' on the skin.

It's a fair point, with pollutants and facial movements all taking their toll over the years. Let's not forget though, that many of the symptoms of older looking skin are due to poor maintenance of the skin from the inside...

To look at how to look after your skin from the inside, naturally, you simply need to go back to the 2 basics of any treatment for body *or* mind - water and good nutrition.

It should be obvious to us as humans that we need to drink a certain level of water everyday to keep our bodies functioning at prime levels. What's more obvious, however, is that it's something we generally fail to do!

Not drinking enough water will always take it's toll on the skin from a simple moisturising standpoint, but when you consider that the body will divert water supplies to more urgent functions, you can see how easy it is for the skin to miss out.

It is out and out one of the most effective natural remedies for skin care - drink more water, and it will make positive changes over the rest of your body too!

The other natural remedy is good nutrition - fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals which work wonders for the skin, and if you have enough of them in your body, the skin gets the help it needs to fight the daily battles of modern life.

You can get many natural products to apply to the skin direct, as the skin is able to absorb them, but as with the water example, why not eat more fruit to get the vitamins to the skin, and benefit the whole body at the same time!

It doesn't have to break the wallet to look after your skin, and if you go for basics like increased water and vitamin consumption, you are going down the natural route too.


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