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Stretch Mark Removers - Do Any Work?

Looking for a stretch mark remover that really works? Before you face another summer of hiding behind a towel or cover up because of embarrassing stretch marks, find out which methods may work best to remove them.


StriVectin SD is one of today's hottest selling products that claims to prevent and remove stretch marks. It also claims to solve many of your other skincare problems including wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet.

While this "Better than Botox" product may be great to remove wrinkles and fine lines, it was not very effective for stretch mark removal. Even after using liberally several times a day, the stretch marks do not seem to disappear. They did seem to lighten and fade, but are still clearly visible after several weeks.


This product smells wonderful and does not feel greasy feel on the skin. The company claims that it can reduce the appearance of any kind of scar and we found that it did appear to make stretch marks softer and smoother. Anyone using Mederma for around 3 times a day for close to 3 months you should see a very impressive reduction in their scars.

However, this could be expensive because that is a long time to use a product for its selling price.

Trilastin SR

Most women are happiest with the results of Trilastin. This stretch mark cream took only days to reduce scars and showed great results. Some stretch marks actually seem to disappear and are no longer be visible.

So if you are looking for that beach-ready body, Trilastin may be a better bet.


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