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Improving Your Skin By Shedding It

Out of the throws of a generally young person's dilemma has come one of the most popular treatments for aging skin: skin peels.

Tretinoin is used for treating acne. When applied on a regular basis it promotes peeling where it has been applied and unclogs pores. Doctors often prescribe this medicine for renewing aging skin and you should consult your dermatologist or pharmacist with questions that you might have.

Tretinoin is also found under the brand labels as Avita, Retin, Retin-A, and Renova. These products are prescribed in a cream, liquid or gel form to be applied to the skin at bedtime, waiting 2 to 3 days between applications. If you decide to see your doctor about getting this product you should ask a lot of questions and you should follow his instructions including the amount of the product to be used and how often to apply it.

Chances are in the first seven to ten days your condition will worsen, including an increase in acne sores (if you have them prior to using the cream) and red peeling skin. However, you should keep using it and the sores will eventually disappear. It may take up to six weeks of regular use for results but you could see them in two to three weeks.

During this time your skin is obviously going to be more sensitive so if you are going to use cosmetics you should only use those that are not medicated and only on clean skin. And for certain don't use anything that might irritate sensitive skin like alcohol, astringents or shaving lotions. The result will be painful, stinging skin. Also ask your doctor about any other topical medications that you might be using.

While common sense should be your guide here are a few tips:

  1. Wash your hands and skin area well with mild soap -- nothing that will irritate the skin.
  2. Wait 30 minutes for your skin to completely dry before proceeding with the cream.
  3. Either use clean fingers or an applicator such as a cotton swab or cotton pad and be careful not to get it in your eyes, mouth, or corner of your nose.
  4. Use a thin layer of the cream and don't overdo it.

You should make sure and tell your doctor and pharmacist what other drugs or vitamins/ herbs, minerals or any type of supplements you are taking to make sure there is no interaction.

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while using any of these brands, call your doctor.

After the top layer of skin has peeled off the results are generally very good and one can expect to look younger with less visible fine lines and age spots. It is VERY important that during the time you are using these treatments (for some it could be the rest of your life) to stay out of the sun. You are exposing very tender undamaged skin with these peels and letting it see the sun is a big mistake. Wear a hat and for extra protection you may also use a sunscreen as prescribed by the doctor.

Always consult with your doctor or dermatologist as to proper use of any tretinoin related product.


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