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Does Microdermabrasion Help You Regain Youthful Looking Skin?

Yes, microdermabrasion helps in making a person's skin beautiful, glow, healthy and young. The before and after pictures displayed in a doctor's waiting room is enough evidence of the success of this method. Microdermabrasion certainly helps in rejuvenating a person, making her regain her self-confidence and appear strikingly beautiful with a glowing skin.

This is a revolutionary method of treating the skin of a person. The other techniques include using lasers or injections or chemicals to beautify a person and remove all blemishes. But in this method, all this is done very fast, reliable and in a safe manner. There are hardly any side effects or reactions as no chemicals or surgery or injections are used. There is no pain, swelling, redness, sedation or hospitalization in this process.

The damaged skin is removed, the acne scars lessen or go away completely, and the skin becomes smooth and attractive. There are different techniques used in this procedure. The skin is polished using crystals or diamonds. A wand or a hand piece gently loosens the damaged skin tissues or cells and removes them painlessly and effortlessly. These cells are taken away and a vitamin-enriched cream is used along with a moisturizer and the patient can resume her duties. That is why this procedure is called a lunchtime procedure as it can be done within an hour.

This procedure can even be done at home if one follows the procedure properly. A suitably enriched cream can be used once or twice a day and give remarkable results. Some people may need more treatment but generally even one treatment produces successful results. It does not, however, remove birthmarks or tattoo marks or very deep scars. For all other skin problems this is the best process.

Any type or color of skin can benefit by this treatment. People of any age can also go in for this treatment. It is easily available and affordable by all. As it is cosmetic procedure insurance may not cover it. It is a popular treatment, which is currently sweeping the US because of its quickness, suitability, results and safety. It can be used in combination with other types of treatment for better and more permanent results. Generally botox can be used along with this procedure but a doctor is the best judge of the situation. It is he and the patient who should discuss and finalize what treatment is to be done and in what combination.


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