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Things To Consider When Tanning Your Skin

Many people use tanning booths for years in order to maintain a year round all over tan. The reason for this is that evidence has proved how damaging to your skin it is to sunbathe regularly and the more at risk you are from skin cancer, so people are looking for new ways to achieve the same effect safely. The quickest and fast becoming the preferred method of having a fake tan is by using a spray tanning salon service. There are many fake tan creams available but a spray gives a much more even looking tan and is less likely to cause streaking.

There are now home spray tanning systems available but these may not be the easiest to use on your own although regular users they could save money in time. Regardless of the method you choose there are a few basic steps to follow to ensure that you get the best results possible. Exfoliation is the first step as this rids the body surface of the dead skin cells. What you don't want is for people to recognize your tan is a fake by noticing paler patches of skin where the dead skin cells have dropped from your body.

Afterwards apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin moist and ready to tan. One of the biggest mistakes people make at this stage when applying a bronzer from a bottle or cream application is to forget to wear gloves, this leaves them with orange palms which is hard to disguise. Take care that you use lighter thinner coats on your joints. This would include the joints of your knees, your fingers and even your elbows as these are places that naturally appear darker. If you are using a spray tanning method then you will need an old towel to wipe any excess fluid away to stop streaking.

Remember to stay as stiff as possible after the self tanning solution has been applied as this will go a long way toward ensuring an even tan. These agents are notoriously good at marking clothing once they have been applied so you are advised to be careful how soon you get ready afterwards and what you intend to wear. Obviously darker clothing is the best option so the staining will not be as visible, and if possible, something that you will not worry about if it gets damaged. Armed with this information it should be easier to have a fake tan that is safe and available all year round without anyone knowing what it is you are doing.


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