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Natural Cold Sore Relief

Cold sores are commonly known as fever blisters and they can be extremely contagious most especially during the lesion phase. These sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus and once you get infected, these viruses remain in the body forever. If you experience one, there are some natural cold sore relief procedures that can be helpful in treating and reducing the pain.

Cold sores normally heal in more or less a week when treated. These simple remedies are not in any way harmful since they are only done with natural ingredients and no taking in of prescription drugs and other over the counter products.

One simple tip that is helpful in treating a cold sore is placing a tea bag on the area that has been affected as soon as it becomes evident or known as the tingle stage. Do not wait for the lesion to grow bigger.

Another known natural cold sore relief is the use of tea tree oil. It has been truly effective for some cold sore sufferers. Just apply a sufficient amount of the essential oil to the affected part so that it will relieve the pain and treat the sore.

While cold sores are never curable, there had already been cases wherein the viruses that cause these became eliminated from the body of the sufferer. These instances became possible through the help of effective remedies that are being offered in many reading materials published and made available to us. These books explain the safe and best approach to curing cold sores and permanently putting them off. And what's best about these books is that they offer remedies that only last for a few days unlike natural cold sore relief treatments that usually last more than a week.


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