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Oily Skin

Oily skin consists of a thick skin with large pores. Circulation of blood is not good in this type of skin. It always looks bright and is extremely susceptible to spots. This usually causes concentrated outbreaks of acne in places. The secretion glands are working overtime in this type of skin. If you have this type of skin you must first clean your face before going to bed, at night, and in the mornings, when you wake up.

When compared to dry skin, oily skin does not wrinkle easily. As most people have this type of skin, it is the most common skin type amongst teenagers. You will benefit a lot by washing your face, every morning and evening, with a soap designed for people with oily skin and cleaning it with a tonic containing a little alcohol.

As mentioned earlier, the circulation of blood is bad in oily skin; so massages, face masks and cold and hot water compresses will help with providing a better circulation of blood. In regards to cosmetic products, you should use calming, milky or water based moisturizing products.

Before going to bed at night, after washing your face, moisturize it with some rose water or tonic and if you feel any dryness use a night cream designed for oily skin. Do not forget that using creams will often only exacerbate the oily condition of your skin. If you do not pay enough attention to your skin care, your already large pores will get much larger. In order to put a stop to this, you should use masks and acid containing tonics to make your pores smaller.

Warning! Do not apply compresses if you have capillaries on your skin.


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