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Skin Care - Where Do I Start?

Getting started with the right skin care routine can be daunting considering all of the product options, home remedies and medical procedures. Depending on your situation, any number of options might be appropriate (each of which is worthy of its own article at the very least). This particular article is aimed at those who are just getting serious about a daily skin care routine and will focus on the three pillars on which any regimen should be built which are skin cleanser, skin toner and moisturizers.

Skin Cleansers

Skin care products are available for every skin condition you can think of and it's easy to get lost in this "miracle cure" or that "scientific breakthrough". One thing that will remain consistent regardless of your situation is that a good cleanser is a must. These skin care products are your first step in cleaning the skin and preparing it for the next steps in your routing. It is important to note here that not all skin cleanser is created equal, especially when you take into account skin type. A heavy cream cleanser is not going to be a good idea if your skin is oily. A clay based cleanser may make dry skin even more dry since they can remove the skin's oil and hydration. A good skin cleanser will clean the skin without upsetting its pH balance.

Skin Toners

Skin toners are also sometimes referred to as astringents. The goal of using skin toner is to clean the skin at a much deeper level and helping to remove dead cells, makeup and debris that was missed by your cleanser. Having this important weapon in your skin care arsenal can help you avoid breakouts and open up the skin so that it is better prepared to accept hydration and nourishment. An important point to make however is that these products can be harsher on the skin than a cleanser. They also have the ability to make the skin dry and to irritate sensitive skin. Choosing a skin care product that does not contain alcohol here is very important, especially for dry skin treatment or skin that easily irritates.

Skin Moisturizers

The third important part of any skin care approach is an effective moisturizers. The best of the skin moisturizers contain emollients, antioxidants, nutrients and oils. Like skin cleansers and skin toner, moisturizer should be selected based on your individual skin type. Moisturizers are usually categorized by weight with the lightweight products containing less oil and ingredients that can feel "heavy" on the skin. As mentioned above a heavy moisturizer, which is a good choice for those with dry skin, may not be wise to use on an oily complexion since this may simply make matters worse.

And there you have it, the three must have products for any good skin care regimen. Depending on the age of your skin and whether or not you are suffering from certain skin conditions, other advanced skin care treatments may be necessary. If this is the case, be sure to consult a dermatologist before using any skin care products.


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