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Stretch Marks - Why Do These Occur? What Can Be Done to Reduce Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks appear at some very important events of our lives. Also called the straie as the name suggests appear on skin especially where there are likely fat deposits. This generally happens on the arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts, waist, etc.

Though stretch marks may appear in men and women alike, these have been mostly related to pregnancy, where women's skin around waist is stretched and these become obvious. However, there are many more events when these marks are most likely to appear:

1) these can appear in obese children;

2) during puberty in both men and women. especially when women are growing breasts and men are developing muscles;

3) during pregnancy;

4) in adults because of obesity.

Though these marks can appear in both men and women, you will find it is the women who need to worry about these. So what are these?

Stretch marks give the skin a stretched look; this is why these are called so. These do not appear in every pregnant woman; it may appear for some and may not appear for some. It depends on the skin, whether or not these will appear. These marks initially appear as simple lines across fat areas, these lines are darker in shade initially, and at times it may be red or purple. As time passes this gel with the skin color, however, we can easily notice the stretch marks, because these are shiny so easily identifiable.

Stretch marks look like veins, these have collagen that helps in skin retain its elasticity. There are several ways to get rid of them, though none guarantee permanent results. You can go in for stretch marks peel, laser surgery, creams and lotions, etc.

In some women stretch marks may appear for certain period of time and later go away, however, others may not be so lucky, these may appear and stay for a long period of time, especially if there are lot of fat reserves in the body. Though there are above mentioned ways to get rid of stretch marks, the scientists say, there is nothing more effective than losing weight, keeping skin hydrated and exercising for removing stretch marks.

It would not be possible to see the results immediately, however, stretch marks tend to disappear over a period of time if the person maintains healthy food intake, ample of liquid intake and healthy exercise routine.

Appearance of stretch marks can make wearing certain types of dresses difficult, instead of looking attractive, these marks can create embarrassment for the woman, and women may choose hiding themselves behind layers of clothing instead of going out and enjoying themselves.

Stretch marks are formation of rivers of collagen only in those areas where fat accumulates, therefore more the fat, larger the chances of appearance of stretch marks, since fat is a root cause for so many uncomfortable situations, it would be the best to keep fat and weight in check.

You can try out different products available in the market for removal of these marks, however, effectiveness of each product varies from person to person.


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