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How to Sleep - Naturally

Lately there is a greater focus on green products and how our consumerism affects the environment. More and more people are looking for ways to spend their money consciously--on everything from clothing and food to media and furniture.

One of the biggest issues for public landfills is the disposal of traditional mattresses. In fact, many cities are now flat out refusing to accept them, or will charge an exorbitant fee to dispose of them. Mattress recycling programs are cropping up in some of the more forward-thinking areas of the country, but these are limited in their scope. The key to a greener future is for consumers to resolve to purchase the most eco-friendly products they can, beginning immediately.

Furthermore, even if you are not considering the environmental issues behind your mattress purchase, consider your own health at the very least. Naturally made bedding is biodegradable, true, but it is also much healthier for you and your family when you are at your most vulnerable: in your sleep. Synthetic mattresses can produce gasses that slowly dissipate over years and are breathed in for hours during the night while you sleep. They can also be manufactured with fabrics that are steeped in pesticides as they grow-all of which is going to affect you and the environment. A list of common materials used in mattresses includes polyester, polyurethane, synthetic latex, and nylon. On top of being toxic to humans, many of these are petroleum based products, which adds to the growing consumption of this quickly diminishing resource.

Another trend for keeping your family safe in their sleep is organic linens. Made from cotton, bamboo, or other fabrics that are grown without pesticides, they are better for the environment, for the workers who are required to handle the raw materials, and for you, the consumer, as you place yourself in them each night. Fabrics like hemp are not only environmentally sound, but they are naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal, which means less chance of you being exposed to illnesses or infections.

Along with the use of natural and organic materials in making newer mattresses, there is an emphasis on quality over quantity. That means that you are buying less, but buying a better product. Look for items that are made to last, and which are made with ethical manufacturing standards. You will rest easy knowing that your sleep does not come at the expense of people who are struggling to survive, or working in inhumane conditions. Initially the costs may be a little more, but in the long run you will save money when you buy something that was made to last.

Finally, you'll have the best sleep of your life on a mattress that has been created not only for you to sleep on, but with the future of the planet in mind. A natural mattress is the best way to ensure long health for you and for the earth!


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