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Test For Dyslexia In Adults

Dyslexia is a learning disability manifested in written and spoken words. Some symptoms that dyslexics have are difficulties in reading, spelling, distinguishing left from right, following instructions and difficulties in sequence and numbers. Today, schools are performing dyslexia screening for children to make sure that they will be given the right teaching approach. But years ago when this learning disability was not yet acknowledged, dyslexics do not know about their condition and simply tagged as stupid or slow learners. Test for dyslexia in adults is available now to help those who were not diagnosed earlier in their life to understand about their disability.

Growing up labelled as dumb and ridiculed for a disability that you do not know and the people around you are so cruel and mean is a painful process resulting to low self-esteem. Adult with dyslexia who were not diagnosed and received no treatment or therapies end up hiding their disability affecting their jobs and personal relationships.

Most dyslexics find it difficult to find a job or end up under-employed not realizing that they have abilities and dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence. There are dyslexics who finished school and became successful in their chosen field. The absence of dyslexia screening and the lack of knowledge about this disability years ago are the reasons why there are dyslexics now suffering the symptoms without the proper treatment. But now that test for dyslexia in adults is available, you have the chance now to understand about your disability to get the necessary treatment.


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