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Gain Confidence By Attending Speech Therapy

I have recently read a report which suggested that a large proportion of people who have a low self-esteem or have a lack of confidence, also have some form of speech impediment. This could be in one of many forms including a stutter, a stammer, a clutter, a stutter or a lisp. I thought the report was very interesting and was a real eye opener for me as I had a stutter for eighteen years and during this period my confidence did take a big hit for the worse.

When you are unable to converse in a fluent way other people look at you in a real strange way, it as if they think you have some form of deformity. In reality it is probably due to the fact that they are feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation. This does not make it any easier for the person who has the speech impediment; it used to make me feel like a freak and as less of a man.

If you have a speech impediment I would strongly recommend that you attend some form of speech therapy. Not only could it help you to become fluent, it should also help you to gain in confidence. In my opinion the two go hand in hand, the more your speech improves, the higher your confidence rises.

During the period when I had a stutter, I would rather spend time in my own company than to socialise within a large group of people. Strangely enough I was perfectly fluent when talking to myself. Most of my friends saw me as quite a shy person, in reality I was somebody who had a lot of confidence, a confidence that was being shackled by this frustrating stutter.

After managing to achieve fluency, I soon started to crave company. I no longer wanted to stay at home on my own and instead wanted to show people the real "Steve Hill". I hope that by gaining in fluency that you will also be able to gain in confidence.


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