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Stuttering Breathing

Stuttering or stammering is a condition which causes the person suffering from it to lengthen words, parts of words or sentences. Though stuttering is neither a disease nor a disability, it tends to impede the development of the individual going through it because of the consequences of it. Though there is no sure fire way to treat stuttering, certain activities can aid in getting rid of this problem. There is no concrete evidence to show what causes stuttering but some of the reasons by which stuttering is caused can be attributed to psychological uneasiness, nervousness and tightening of the vocal muscles. When a person stutters, it is usually accompanied by short spasms of breath.

Stuttering Caffeine Link

Stuttering is a condition experienced by some people while speaking, wherein they tend to prolong a few words or parts of words. Also known as stammering, the exact cause of this condition is not known even to physicians and specialists in this field. The problem of stuttering is assumed by specialists to be caused by numerous factors and it is can also sometimes be caused by the excessive intake of caffeine. Though caffeine cannot be considered to be one of the primary causes of stuttering, it could aggravate the problem of stammering. Regular intake of caffeine has known to have an adverse effect on people who stutter. Various studies have shown that when the intake of caffeine becomes excessive, an area of the brain is found to contain high levels of Dopamine.

Speech Pathologist Career - A Smart Choice

A speech pathologist career is a smart choice if you are willing to take up challenging assignments, and have a natural inclination to help others. A speech pathologist gives professional help to those who are experiencing communication disorders. The greatest advantage of a speech pathologist career is job availability in private and public settings. Employment prospects for speech pathologists who can speak a second language like Spanish is higher. A speech pathologist can work clinically, academically or as a professional researcher. Most of the healthcare organizations offer speech pathologists excellent working environment, career growth options and flexible schedules.

Stuttering In Primary School Children

Stuttering is a problematic condition which hinders fluent speaking in people suffering from it. Though people of any age can be going through this disturbing condition, it is noticed that the majority of the people experiencing it are children. The onset of stuttering is more prevalent in children and those in the primary school age are known to be the most affected. The initial signs of stuttering can be detected in children early in their childhood essentially while they are at the age of entering into primary school and if treated from the very beginning, there is a possibility that the stuttering vanishes by the time they enter secondary school. When the stuttering goes unnoticed or untreated, there is a greater probability that the child stutters more during the primary school age.

Stuttering In Secondary School Children

The problem of stuttering is one of the very few problems faced by children. Stuttering is a speech disorder which causes non-fluency in speech by prolonging the utterance of certain words or syllables. Though this problem is known to be existent in all age groups, it is the younger lot who suffer more than older people. It has been observed over the years that children in the age group of 3 - 10 years seem to suffer more from stuttering than adults. There has been no concrete proof as to what causes this condition and what the prescribed methods to overcome it are. But it can be overcome with proper care and attention and also with the involvement of the parents and teachers of the children.

Support Stuttering Child

It is common knowledge that stutterers are the centre of mockery in any given place and time. But it is not known to many the suffering undergone by the stutterers due to this scornful nature of the society. The society doesn't realize the amount of damage it is capable of causing to the stuttering individual. When this type of taunting is too much to take even for adults, children can never tolerate such teasing and bullying. And since stuttering is more common in children, it is important to balance their emotional setup by removing the negative thoughts caused by the taunting. For this purpose support groups need to be established which may aid in helping out stuttering children.

Advice For Teachers For Students Who Stutter

School is the place where children spend most of their time apart from the time spent at home. Hence it must be made sure that stuttering children are treated rightly in school and are offered a peaceful atmosphere for studying. The responsibility of this falls over the teachers as they are the ones who are in charge at school. Apart from being just teachers and controlling the behavior of other students towards stutterers, they can also be mentors who can help the stuttering children to overcome their problem. Though the first thing a stuttering student wishes for in school is the exclusion of ridicule against him, there are quite a few more things which a child would prefer.

Famous People That Stutter

Stuttering though considered a deterrent to achieving greatness in one's profession, has been overcome by many a famous personalities to show their prowess in their respective fields. Most of these celebrities are world-renowned people and are taken up as role models. Even better is the fact that some of these famous people have become popular with their speaking capabilities and they provide a ray of hope for the stutterer's world over. Here is a list of some the famous people who have become famous in spite of their stuttering problem. Sir Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister is known all over the world as an amazing politician and an avid orator but not many know that he was a stutterer.

Teasing and Stuttering

Stutterers are made fun of anywhere they go, be it school, college, work and even in public places. Teasing is usually done by imitating the speaking actions of the stutterers or stutterers are made the butt of the jokes. Even worse is the fact that stutterers are expected to laugh along with the crowd at the whole snickering pointed at them. All this causes an emotional strain on the stutterers experiencing it. Stuttering is never considered as a disorder by many people in the society. People just treat as an amusing thing which needs to be made fun of and not many realize the serious consequences it may cause to the stutterer. It is said that first impressions are best impressions but stutterers are never given a chance to prove their first impressions.

Work Discrimination and Stuttering

Acquiring a job itself may be an uphill task for most stutterers but the most difficult task faced by stutterers is to stay put in the same job. It is not that the stutterers are faulty, but it is majorly because of the discrimination caused to them at work. Though some employers can understand and accommodate stutterers, most employers are not able to accept stutterers working under them as they feel they cannot perform as well as "normal" people. What they fail to understand is that stutterers are normal people as well only with a slight speech disorder which in no way can affect their work unless the job is a speech based one. More often than not, most stutterers are sidelined or made fun in most cases which tends to build up negative emotions in them reflecting on their performance.

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