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Speech Therapist in London

Are you looking for information about speech therapy classes in London? Where do you find information about speech therapy classes in London? In this article I will be providing ideas of where to look to find a professional speech therapist that can help you with your speech problems. I know all about having problems with my speech after having had a stutter for eighteen years. I am now fortunate enough to be able to enjoy life as a fluent speaker; this is something I had often dreamed about in the past. The stutter had started to affect my speech when I was just four years of age and despite many years of speech therapy I found I was becoming less fluent or fluid as I became older.

Stuttering and Stammering News

Over the years the speech impediment of stuttering and stammering has often appeared in the news. A person who has a stutter has a difficulty in speaking certain words or sounds and this may come across as a repetitive attempt at speaking something. Keeping stuttering in the news can have many benefits, some of which will be discussed in this article. Gareth Gates is the most recent high profile person to have a pronounced stutter. He showed tremendous courage to appear on a national television show in an attempt to win a music recording deal. Week after week people would watch him struggle to answer questions from the shows hosts. It personally made me cringe;

Confidence Course For Stuttering

I would often say to myself that if only I could some how manage to gain confidence that my stutter would then surely go. It was a bit of a catch twenty-two situation in reality. The reason that I had a lack of confidence was mainly due to the fact that I had the stutter. What I felt was required was some form of confidence course for people who stutter. I have never accepted second best in life and this is one of the reasons that I used to become frustrated when attending speech therapy. At the time it seemed that this was the only form of treatment for people who had a stutter. The speech therapists however seemed clueless about what it was like living life with this horrible stutter hanging over one's head and freely admitted that they were unable to help cure it.

Dyslexia Treatment Apparently Works Very Well - Is It a Cure?

Sometimes innovations come from learned men in laboratories. Other times they come from positive-thinking people with a burning desire to do something and who lack the education to know that it can't be done. Consider the examples set by Wilber and Orville Wright, Thomas Edison and many others... Now a businessman in Coventry, England, named Wynford Dore has come up with a dyslexia treatment that is getting amazing results. Mr. Dore was not an expert in medicine, but his daughter Susie, now 35, suffered from dyslexia so severe she tried to commit suicide. A concerned Father, he set out to DO something. Mr Dore has been quoted as saying, "Experts have argued for 50 years about whether dyslexia exists or not.

Stuttering Anguish

I can not bare living with this stutter anymore, how can I overcome it? Why does speech therapy not help me? Is there a cure for stuttering? Are there any alternative forms of stuttering therapy to the normal traditional and useless speech therapy? These were the types of questions that I used to ask my parents when I was a child. I am now thirty-four years of age and am happy to report that I managed to overcome my own stutter twelve years ago. I am now able to speak without the constant fear of stuttering and boy does that feel good. I still remember the anguish of stuttering and am still quite frustrated at the lack of improvement that I had during fourteen years of attending speech therapy.

Stuttering Speech Pathology in the UK

What types of speech pathology service are available in the UK? Do the speech therapy treatments differ from the ones that are available in other countries in the world? Speech pathology for stuttering has come along way in the last ten years and in this article I will be discussing the forms of therapy that are now available to people who stutter in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Are you aware of just how many people in the UK have a stuttering problem? Do you know somebody who has a stutter or as some people call it a stammer? Do you have a stutter or stammer? Well the latest studies have reported that around one in every hundred people do in fact stutter, this is a huge number and stuttering is therefore much more widespread than the so called experts had thought in the past.

Dyslexia Symptoms - 95 of Adult Dyslexics Don't Know They Are Dyslexic - Are You One?

Dyslexia is a term applied to a broad range of neurological "data processing" problems that most notably (and usually) manifest themselves in problems with reading. Thus the word "dys" (non-functional) "lexia" (having to do with written words and reading). This article is about dyslexia symptoms. Today almost all public school systems screen students for dyslexia, which affects 10 - 15% of school-age children. But those of us who entered the school system before they understood dyslexia and began screening for it, muddled along as best we could, being "different" Not being able to understand, grasp the meaning of and manipulate and deal with words and numbers as well as our peers, those of us with dyslexia symptoms had a generally hard time of it.

Sign Language Speech Therapy

Help Your Child Communicate by Teaching Him Simple Signs at an Early Age To provide a program of total communication for young children, sign language is often used in conjunction with traditional speech therapy. Babies can actually manipulate their hands and fingers way before they can manipulate their oral structures to form words. For this reason, babies who are having difficulties developing words can begin to communicate using basic signs. The process of watching an adults hand movements in this way develop listening skills and visual skills - both of which are important in the development of spoken language. Signing helps a young child learn a word's meaning and how to communicate if effectively.

The Miracle of Fluent Speech

Having grown up having to cope with a stuttering speech impediment, I often wondered what it would be like to be able to talk fluently. That day has now arrived, I am now able to converse in a fluent manner, without the fear of stuttering, it certainly feels like a miracle. I am a person who started to stutter when I was four years age. There was no real trigger to me developing this form of speech impediment; well at least I am not aware of one. I could say that life was hard however this was the only life I knew, therefore I realised I had to make the most of what I had. It was a case of concentrating on the positive side of life, on what I did have rather that what I did not.

Stuttering Freedom - The Road to Fluency

The majority of people who stutter have a dream that one day they will be able to speak fluently. At times this dream feels like it will never come true as they battle to control the demons that seem to have a control on their mind. Fluency can however be achieved, there will be many hurdles to overcome a long the way, the journey is likely to be quite long and arduous, only the strongest with the greatest desire will ultimately succeed. I can't live like this mum, life is too hard. It is OK for people like you who are able to speak without the constant fear of stuttering. You have no idea what it is like for me, unable to speak fluently. Your so lucky mum and you don't even realise it.

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