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Koi Fish Tattoos Solving The Mystery

There are many mysteries that remain unanswered surrounding the Koi Tattoo flash art and Koi Fish Tattoo community. A symbol of perseverance and strength, the Koi Fish tattoo is a direct descendant of ancient fables of journies made by groups of Koi making an arduous journey along the Yellow River to the Golden Gate where, it is told, if they survive the jump to the summit, they transfrom into a Dragon and achieve their lifetime goal.

The journey along the Yulong River to the Dragon Gate is a favourite amongst the Far Eastern Elders and today, the tales of the Koi are recollected amongst younger communities representing achievement in terms of education and graduation.

The symbol of the Koi Fish in the world of tattoos provides a story for those who make this choice in ink, a parallel story to the perseverance and endurance of the Koi, in their journey through life.

Each Tattoo has an independent meaning and usually this meaning is determined by the wearer of the Ink, only they know the reasons why they choose the colour, background and flora that surrounds the Koi Body design. What is understood is that the reason for choosing a Koi Tattoo is to show something that is symbolic to ones life struggle, an hommage to arriving at a certain point in a journey.

Colours in Koi Fish Tattoos are subjective, however a personality can be detailed in colour psychology, many famous historical characters have been analysed and their colour 'personality' is reflected in many journals. Are you similar in Character to Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher or maybe Liberace? These character 'traits' can be reflected in Koi Tattoo colour schemes, providing a more personal profile in Tattoo design.

In addition to this, the Flora that accompanies the Koi Tattoo is widely believed to be significant of birth date, are you a Maple Leaf or a Cherry Blossom? Theories are abound to the overall design of the Koi Fish Tattoo, but at the end of the day, the choice is personal and it is yours...make your choice and make it with confidence and regret-free!

Designing your own Koi Tattoo is a freedom that most admirers don't have...until now that is.


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