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The Celtic Cross Tattoo - Is It The Cross For You?

Celtic cross tattoos like any other Celtic design such as the knot, have gained in popularity over the years. Those sporting these crosses wear them for a wide variety of reasons, from religion to aesthetic pleasure. They are a really nice cross to look at no matter the reason you brand yourself with one. Its origins are deep rooted in many religions dependent on the particular cross style that you choose.

Celtic Crosses have a deep tradition and thought they have evolved in recent times at one point they were not like the typical Christian cross. Instead the crossing bars were equal in length and height. Each arm of the cross symbolizing an element, air, wind, water and earth and of course the circle in the middle representing life, with no true end or beginning, simply put eternal life. This circle has been the defining characteristic of Celtic crosses for centuries. The knots are the same knots used in all sorts of items through out Celtic and Pagan history, they simply represent the joining of spiritual and physical realms and the unending nature of human life.

No matter why you choose a Celtic cross as your tattoo of choice it is one you will not find disappointment in. It conveys a simple beauty, and appeal with its simple but heavily symbolic design. Whether you are a devout Christian, or a individual of Irish descent, the Celtic Cross is a symbol of faith and pride and is a beautiful one to be proudly displayed.


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