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Lower Back Tattoos - Tattoos For The Sensual You

A womans body is a temple of sensuality and life. From the women's womb, all life begins. Dependant on the culture, there are many places that can be considered erotic and tranquilizing. Most of these places involve curves and the natural beauty of a woman's body. Some consider the nape of the neck, while others the curve of the lower back. It is no wonder their is a rise in tattoos across the lower back, since as entire societies as we are beginning to understand and accept sensuality and sexuality more.

Erotica has long played a part in the tattoos women bare and the lower back tattoo is no exception to this. They are easily concealed for professionalism in the workplace, but can play the part of an erotic tease and sensationalism elsewhere. If the women so chooses it can be completely covered by her clothing or just peeking out calling attention from the males around her. The ability to easily conceal the lower tattoo plays a role in it popularity. To those women who mingle in circles where it is socially taboo it is easily hidden from sight, but when she is ready for her wild side to appear, so too can her tattoo

As with any tattoo it needs to be remembered that the lower back tattoo is a permanent body modification. You should not considered a lower back tattoo simply for the sensuality surrounding them. You need to understand it is a part of you. Be careful in your design and decision. It should be something you can live with. Custom designs are an even better route to ensure it properly accentuates your body, because like a womans body , every tattoo is unique, especially the sensual lower back tattoo.


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