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Tattoo - Does it Hurt?

This has always been the most ask about questions when topics about tattoo came into play. It's the first question being asked by anyone who met or knew somebody who had themselves inked. It is the question being asked first by someone who is thinking of getting tattooed.

The simple answer to this question is yes, it hurts. Fact is, the ink is embedded through the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin, that's why it's permanent. The sensation is usually described as tingling comparable to a bee sting. Basically, the needle that reciprocates up and down the skin within short distance is like a drill piercing through the skin.

The level of the pain actually depends on your threshold to pain. Some people can describe it as like being repeatedly snapped with a rubber hand while others compare it it to the feeling of an arm or leg being asleep or numb. Different people feel pain to greater and lesser degrees, some might experience extreme difficult pain while others might find it pretty tolerable or even "pleasant".

The pain being experience while being tattooed is also dependent on the skill and training of the tattoo artist. If you want to lessen the pain, make sure you choose a tattoo artist who is trained and professional. They are the ones with lighter touch than the others since they are able to apply a technique of injecting the ink at just perfect depth to hit the dermis without going too deep and causing pain.

Some areas of the body are much more sensitive than the others so the part of the body where it will be tattooed is definitely an indication of how much it can hurt. Parts of the body where the bone is near (spine, ankle or elbow for example) tends to hurt more than where there is a good layer of tissue to cushion the skin, or the fleshy part such as the arm and abdomen.

To lessen the pain, some practice breathing exercise while some wince to let out the pain. Most professional artists also have a way of lessening the pain physically and mentally. No matter how much it hurts, if you want it done, then it will be done. Considering the fact that tattoos are everywhere, then the pain must be something tolerable and bearable that a lot of people can go through.


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