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Reasons For Getting Tattoos - Then and Now

The growing popularity of tattoos among people of all ages and classes has undoubtedly position it in the mainstream. Few years back, tattoo was commonly identified with bikers, inmates, servicemen, sailors and heavy metal rockers and social outcasts. Nowadays, having a tattoo is considered cool or in already and does not connote negative impression anymore. You can see teenagers, adults, soccermoms and dads and even senior citizens sporting a tattoo. It is even made popular because of famous tattooed celebrities like Angelina Jolie and David Beckham.

A tattoo is a permanent mark or design that is done in a body by penetrating a needle and injecting ink into it, usually for decorative purposes. The method of creating a tattoo has not changed much since the beginning. In the distant past, it is believed that designs were crafted in the skin using sharp pieces of bones. Today, needles are used to penetrate the ink into the skin. These needles can produce up to 30,000 punctures per minute.

Once done, it is practically long-lasting since the ink is injected not only through the first layer called the epidermis but through the dermis which is the second deeper layer of skin. This is the reason why a tattoo is practically a permanent thing, it can only be removed through laser or dermabrasion. These procedures are not something to look up to since its more expensive and painful.

Tattoo is definitely not a fad, its not even a recent phenomenon. Decorating the human body by tattooing is an ancient art form. The word tattoo originate from the Tahitian word 'tattow' meaning to strike or to mark. Tattoo has been practiced for thousands of years already and it meant different things in various cultures. During ancient times, the tattoos depicted the caste or clan of a person. In the case of ancient warriors, bigger tattoos were also used to present the entire war situations the warrior had been in. It depicted and serve many purposes such as to identify a person as belonging to a particular clan or family, to symbolize social status or rank and in some cases as a form of magical protection against misfortune and illnesses. It is also practiced to mark an event such as adventure in the wearer's life, or to show achievement or commitment to a group. Back then, the practice of tattooing has unquestionably have a much deeper meaning and purpose.

In our present society today, tattoo are just designs of something we like or follow. It has become ubiquitous in our present society mainly as a form of creative self-expression, a fashion statement or a non-violent form of rebellion. It normally reflects the person's personality, imagination, creativity or certain beliefs. It has satisfy the need to stake out identity, to feel unique and to record places, experience or person to memory through various tattoo designs. It has become an art form that is unique and expressive of each individual who has it.


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