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Tattoo Art - How to Avoid Phony Tattoo Art Designs

Are you searching for tattoo art online? If so, you're certainly not alone. A record number of people are now surfing the net in an attempt to find their dream tattoo design, and there is an endless amount of websites containing pictures of tattoos. Amongst the millions of tattoo websites available, what's a person to do to guarantee their chosen design is even tattoo-able on the human body. You see, a phenomenon is starting to emerge with artwork that is available online. It's often referred to as "phony" or "artificial" tattoo artwork.

Phony tattoo designs, whether created intentionally or drawn by bad artists, are not possible to be tattooed on human skin. This may be because layout outline lines are too close together or overlap each other incorrectly. Another reason is poor attention to detail in terms of scale and size, which usually happens when design elements don't fit together well. Especially pay attention to free tattoo designs, which are usually created with less attention to detail for one simple reason - their free!

Ask yourself these questions to try to avoid phony tattoo art designs.

What size tattoo have you been considering? Take a moment and think about the size of your tattoo and the location. Ask yourself whether or not the design you're considering would fit nicely there? Is it too big? Is it too small? Thinking hard about the size and location is a good way to weed through designs that really won't look right in your chosen tattoo location.

Will the important details be easily visible? A quality tattoo design should look proportionate in its chosen location and important details should be easily visible, including the prominent colors or the focal point. If the artwork doesn't seem to highlight the areas of the design that you like the most, then you might want to continue your search for that dream tattoo design.

Does the website who is offering the artwork offer a money back guarantee? Most of the reputable sites (the few there seem to be) provide a satisfaction guarantee on all their tattoo art designs. For example, say you were to purchase a design and show it to your tattooing artist. For whatever reason, he suggests you pick another tattoo design. Hopefully you purchased it from a trustworthy and legitimate website which will give your money back or allow you to pick another tattoo art design.


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