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Tattoo Art - How to Avoid Phony Tattoo Art Designs

Are you searching for tattoo art online? If so, you're certainly not alone. A record number of people are now surfing the net in an attempt to find their dream tattoo design, and there is an endless amount of websites containing pictures of tattoos. Amongst the millions of tattoo websites available, what's a person to do to guarantee their chosen design is even tattoo-able on the human body. You see, a phenomenon is starting to emerge with artwork that is available online. It's often referred to as "phony" or "artificial" tattoo artwork. Phony tattoo designs, whether created intentionally or drawn by bad artists, are not possible to be tattooed on human skin.

Reasons For Getting Tattoos - Then and Now

The growing popularity of tattoos among people of all ages and classes has undoubtedly position it in the mainstream. Few years back, tattoo was commonly identified with bikers, inmates, servicemen, sailors and heavy metal rockers and social outcasts. Nowadays, having a tattoo is considered cool or in already and does not connote negative impression anymore. You can see teenagers, adults, soccermoms and dads and even senior citizens sporting a tattoo. It is even made popular because of famous tattooed celebrities like Angelina Jolie and David Beckham. A tattoo is a permanent mark or design that is done in a body by penetrating a needle and injecting ink into it, usually for decorative purposes.

Tattoo - Does it Hurt?

This has always been the most ask about questions when topics about tattoo came into play. It's the first question being asked by anyone who met or knew somebody who had themselves inked. It is the question being asked first by someone who is thinking of getting tattooed. The simple answer to this question is yes, it hurts. Fact is, the ink is embedded through the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin, that's why it's permanent. The sensation is usually described as tingling comparable to a bee sting. Basically, the needle that reciprocates up and down the skin within short distance is like a drill piercing through the skin. The level of the pain actually depends on your threshold to pain.

Want a Body Piercing - 3 Tips to Consider Before You Do Anything

If you are contemplating getting a new piercing or if this is your first time, there are a few things that you should consider. What follows is not meant to scare you. They are merely steps that you should take to make sure you do not have a bad experience. And yes, even someone who has had piercings before can have a bad experience. The recent revival of piercing has everyone and their brother either getting one or experimenting with giving them. That is why you should be aware of a few points before you make your final decision. Do not be the guinea pig for your brother who has aspirations of opening his own piercing and tattoo shop. If he wants to practice, tell him to practice on himself.

Do You Know Your Tattoo Art History?

Tattoos are enjoying a renewed popularity, particularly with young women. While you might think tattoos are a relatively new attraction because they are so much more visible than they used to be, they are older than dirt. Some say they've been around since 12, 000 BC. Tattooing had different purposes in different cultures. Some were physical advertisements of particular homemaking skills, worn by women to attract a warrior mate. In some cultures, tattoos around the wrist and fingers were worn to keep the wearer safe from illnesses. Even in today's culture, for example, young people tattoo themselves for perceived beauty. Others use specific designs to indicate membership in a gang or club.

How Clean Is Your Tattoo Studio?

With the growth in popularity of tattooing, and the recent interest in permanent makeup, concerns about safety, cleanliness, and sanitation in tattoo shops has become increasingly important. When trying to decide which tattoo studio to use, in addition to choosing a talented tattoo artist and selecting a flattering design, you also need to examine sanitation practices. Reputable tattoo establishments will have special containers for disposable items that come into contact with skin, bodily fluids, and blood. These containers, primarily used to collect needles, should be clearly marked with a biohazard warning and should have a closed lid. Equally important are the sterilization procedures practiced by the tattoo studio.

Tribal Tattoo Designs - Finding the Great Tribals

Tribal tattoo designs are some of the most amazing styles you can pick. For this to hold true, you will need quality artwork of tribals and a great artist to ink it on your body. While getting a good artist is not hard, locating the top notch artwork needed is a whole different story. Here is what you need to know about a lot of the generic art out there, as well as how to find the good stuff. You are probably picking tribal tattoo designs as your choice for a multitude of reasons. Tribals tend to be bold, complex and very prominent. Gone are the days of settling on some random, generic tribal tattoo designs, because there is a good chance that hundreds of people already got that exact one inked on them.

Finding a Tattoo For Women Online - Cut Through Generic Artwork

Locating a tattoo for women online used to be fun, but it can be down right hard in this day and age. Many females end up settling for generic artwork that they don't; even 100% like. Needless to say, this should never be done, but some girls continue to do it, which many end up regretting. Here is what you must know about a lot of the designs on the web, as well as how to find your way right to the top notch material. Anybody and especially any female who has ever tried to find a tattoo for women on the internet knows that it can be quite a task. Not only do you have hundreds of websites to choose from, but they all tend to have the same stuff as the next place.

Japanese Tattoo Design - Great Choice That Needs Perfect Artwork

I am sure you know how great a Japanese tattoo design can look on the right people. You have probably seen great ones and you have most likely seen some that make you say "what the...?" There are many reasons people settle on generic designs, but most people don't even mean to. That's why you need to know these certain things about a lot of the artwork on the web, as well as how to find the great stuff. You most likely have a decent idea of how you would like your Japanese tattoo design to look. You might also know the approximate size and area of your body you would like it inked. With that said, it doesn't matter what you choose it you don't have quality artwork.

The Tattoo World Record

Have you heard about the tattoo world record where a man has covered his body with leopard spots all over? It surely looks good and beautiful. The way the tattoo is done, it looks so natural that if he were lying among a few leopards you wouldn't be able to identify him from among them. I watched a pic of this man, and the tattoo looks really amazing. Then there is another person who is supposed to be obsessed with cats. Actually, this is just what I think. I am not sure what he thinks. Now, his whole body is full of cat like marks and stripes and he has been careful enough to put cat like whiskers on his face, which are actually intelligently designed piece of tattoo jewellery which he puts on the piercings in his cheeks.

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