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Weight Loss Mistakes That Cost Women 3-5 Pounds a Month

I'm willing to bet you're making simple weight loss mistakes that cost you 3-5 pounds a month. Little mistakes add up to big pounds. So if you can avoid making these mistakes, weight loss becomes a whole lot easier for you.

And the thing is, these mistakes are easy to correct and really won't affect you one way or the other.

Weight Loss Mistakes That Cost You 3-5 Pounds a Month

1. Drinking liquids with your meals

This is bad because you dilute out your natural enzymes that break down your food... making it easier to digest. Repeatedly doing this clogs up and congests your digestive tract... and soon, you're feeling bloated, lethargic, constantly tired, sluggish, losing motivation, and basically... you make it hard to lose weight with an inefficient digestive system.

I suggest you drink liquids 5 minutes before and or after your meal to correc that mistake.

2. Not eating 3 apples a day

This is a mistake of omission. Here's the deal. If you eat 3 apples a day, everyday, I can basically promise any person who is overweight by more than 15 pounds that you'll lose at least 2 pounds a month for the next 2-4 months. So forget that this is a boring tip and just do it.

I dare you to prove me wrong. What do you have to lose?

3. Jogging or doing any other steady-state cardio

These are highly inefficient when it comes to losing weight. Too much time and effort, too little results. Why? Because there is no "afterburn effect" from those exercises. You only burn calories while doing them, not after.

To correct that, do high intensity interval training so that you not only burn calories and fat during the exercise, you burn calories at an accelerated rate for up to 18 hours AFTER you're done working out. Just pick something like the stairstepper and go fast for 10-15 seconds and slow for 15-20 seconds... and keep repeating.

So do those things above to avoid those common weight loss mistakes and you can expect to claim an extra 3-5 pounds a month in weight loss.


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