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The Biggest Fat Loss Secret - Burn Fat Without Muscle Loss

I'm not going to lie: I hate this myth. Not many people use their brains with it, either, and that's why I hope you read every single word of this article... Burn Fat Without Muscle Loss First of all, it's imperative that you have muscle to burn body fat. The reason cardio works is because your legs are the largest muscle group on your entire body. When they are exercised, your body expels energy in order to keep them working. This energy is the fat on your body. To burn fat without losing muscle, all you have to do is strength training AS your cardio. Keeping the strength training intensity high, and going for at least 30 minutes does the exact same thing as cardio vascular workouts, and also helps you build and tone muscle.

Hoodia Diet and Green Tea - A Good Healthy Combination

The issue of weight gain and obesity has remained a major challenge yet unsolved. The continued influence of fast food restaurants and instant meals has continually worsened over the years. As it stands, there seems to be no known exact cure or solution for weight gain and obesity... and you may ask, why. The main problem is not the food that we eat but our eating habits. As the old saying goes you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Good enough, a new weight loss supplement called the hoodia diet addresses this problem. So if you have trouble with eating then why not control it? Hey, you may want to know that due to its popularity it has also come in different brands and forms.

Dieting Doesn't Work

If there is one constant in the world today, it is the fact that there is a diet for every possible angle of losing weight. The trouble with dieting, however, is that it simply does not work. Dieting is a fruitless passion, of restricting calories, depriving yourself and changing meals. But, in order to lose the extra weight you are trying to eliminate from the body, you must change your life and the way you think about food. While there are clearly many diets out there from fad Cabbage Soup diets to 24 hour Celebrity Diets, there is no clear evidence that any of these diets work. As a matter of fact, if dieting worked, there would be far fewer people with weight problems today.

How to Lose Body Fat Fast - High Intensity Body Fat Blow Torch

Everyone wants to have a tight body, six pack abs, and rock hard muscles. They want to learn how to lose body fat fast, too, because summer is upon us, and the beach is calling for us! Before you crank up that treadmill, stationary bike, or lace your running shoes for a morning jog, you might want to consider a completely different approach... High Intensity Body Fat Blow Torch Many people make this mistake: they take an hour or two out of their day to make sure they maximize their workout efforts to burn the most amount of calories possible. This is a great idea! And the heart behind it is good enough. However, there is a better way. What if there was a way to burn calories throughout the entire day, strengthen your heart, and still have an hour to an hour and a half left over to do whatever else it is you want to do?

Revealed - The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

The headlines said something like, Revealed-The Top Secrets Fat Loss Secret. It got my attention, as I'm always looking for new diets to write about. But, is there really anything new in weight loss ideas? Let's take a closer look at this lady doctor's fat loss secret. The doctor is Suzanne Gudakunst. She is from Arizona and has become pretty well known, in a cynical kind of way, among the diet and weight loss community. It seems she has made some pretty bold claims about how there are those in the medical and diet and weight loss communities who are conspiring to keep people fat! This came as no surprise to me... look at how profitable it must be treating obesity.

Fat Loss Imposters - Avoid These Deadly Mistakes

My client, Dana, came in for her weekly weigh in and body fat test. Based on the fat loss program that I had prescribed to her, I was confidently expecting at least a 4 pound reduction of body fat, followed immediately by an ear to ear smile on her face. Unfortunately, when the results were in, Dana was faced with only a pound of fat loss and I was faced with the close up view of her eyes welling up with tears. Needless to say, Dana was not a happy camper. With the tears beginning to roll down her face, Dana turned towards me and proclaimed vehemently, "I can't believe this! Only pound? I did everything right all week." I've been a fat loss coach for over 16 years, and my experience and intuition were telling me that Dana had made some dietary mistakes.

Burn Fat With Every Breath

A very respected doctor in the field of natural medicine once told me that up to 75% of all illness can be traced back to dysfunctional breathing patterns. Proper breathing technique is essential to vibrant, vital health. It is also a key component of an effective fitness and weight loss regime. Breathing properly reduces sympathetic stress and balances your autonomic nervous system. Warning... with the following scientific explanation, I may cause you to have flashbacks of your high school bio teacher... and if your like me, the memories aren't too good! So anyway, let me explain... Your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is a branch of your nervous system that is responsible for all of the functions going on in your body that you don't need to think about.

Weight Loss Motivation - Three Ways to Motivate Yourself

Losing weight can be very hard for most people because the primary thing you need to do is change your lifestyle and habits. If you've lived a sedentary lifestyle, and you've let yourself eat the wrong kinds of foods, you'll need to start changing those habits in order to lose weight. Instead of sitting in front of the TV with potato chips, pretzels, and soda for example, now you'll need to start getting up, moving around, and maybe even warning to the gym. When you first decide to lose weight it can be exciting. You have dreams of a slimmer and sexier body, and being able to fit into smaller clothes. As time goes on however, the reality starts to kick in and you realize losing weight is not exactly easy.

Keep Hydrated For a Maximized Metabolism - Water is Essential to the Fat Burning Process

Without proper amounts of water, your entire metabolism won't function properly. The human body is approximately 2/3 water. Therefore, a lack of water can cause our body's organs to struggle to function at an optimal level. This puts stress on the liver, kidneys, heart, proper functioning of the stomach, and of course brain. Studies show that muscle dehydration of only 3% results in a reduction in the ability to contract muscles along with a loss of speed at which our muscles can move. Our blood becomes thicker as a result of dehydration. Thicker blood does not circulate as effectively, resulting in inadequate circulation. The brain then has a difficult time getting nutrients and oxygen.

Weight Loss Conspiracy

Conspiracy theorist unite! There is a new weight loss conspiracy that may just have some merit. The theory is that the health industry, especially the weight loss industry, does not want you to lose weight. In theory, the conspiracy states that the health industry, including doctors, want you fat and obese because of extreme profits made from treating obesity and the resulting illnesses that obesity can cause. Here are some of the conspiracy theorists thoughts. They think the makers of fad diet pills, miracle drugs and special diet pills know that the fatter you are the more likely you are to keep buying their products. Obviously, these products don't work or there would be no need for the new and improved versions that appear endlessly on shelves and in magazines.

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