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Top 10 Ways to Get Into Summer Shape

There's no motivation like the dread of seeing yourself in a bikini to get you to the gym. If you're ready to get into shape for summer, here are the top 10 musts to look killer in that new bathing suit. 1. 30 Minutes a day Just 30 minuets of cardio five times a week is a must. It'll rev up your metabolism and get you burning calories in no time. 2. Pump Iron Women cannot live on cardio alone. I know you're not trying to compete in the "Ms. Universe Bodybuilding Competition" but you still need to hit the weight, at least two days a week. Since muscle helps you to burn more calories, go ahead and give them a go. You'll thank me later. 3. Write it down Keeping a food journal may seem unnecessary but this is the best way to open your eyes to what you've been eating.

Does Hoodia Gordonii Succulent Really Work As A Natural Appetite Suppressant?

I have been using Hoodia Gordonii Succulent for Five years now to help suppress my appetite thereby maintaining my weight but does it work for everybody? The quick and easy answer is NO! So why would it work for one person but not for another? Well lets look at some other natural substances like caffeine, if I drink some coffee at night I'm pretty much up all night because of the caffeine in the coffee. But, my wife can drink a cup of coffee in bed and fall right to sleep. However, my best friend gets a migraine headache if he drinks more than a cup of coffee a day. The reason being is that most natural substances have three different effects on people. The first effect is that it does what it is supposed to do for about 1/3 of the people who use it.

How Does Water Aid Weight Loss?

How much water do you consume on a daily basis? The human body is made up of 75% water; our bodies cannot store water itself so you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Our bodies can survive without food for a number of weeks but only a couple of days without water. You cannot drink too much water as our body rids itself of the excess through urinating. The best indication to tell if you are drinking enough water is the colour of your urine, if there is any amount of colour in it then you seriously need to up your water intake. Water helps our bodies to flush out the toxins, which in turn helps our bodies with cell reproduction. The more water we drink the more our bodies will be able to purify itself.

Why Many People Fail When It Comes To Losing Weight

10 reasons why many people fail at losing weight. 1) It wasn't your decision to lose weight - you were told by a family member, doctor or friend that you need to lose weight, so you rush out and buy the first weight loss product you can get your hands on. 2) As losing weight had never crossed your mind losing weight will always be something you can do tomorrow - Remember tomorrow never comes. You need to want to lose weight yourself for yourself for you to become successful. 3) You bought a weight loss book which is supposedly easy to follow, there are a number of foods that you can't get your hands on and this is a strict diet that you cannot deviate from.

Waist to Hip Ratio - Men Can't Stomach the Facts

This week, our Aussie friends conducted a study that found that about 60 percent of the men in the country were clinically overweight. Big deal, right? We Americans can beat that! But, the more surprising finding was that, of all those pot-belly men, only 36 percent perceived themselves as being overweight. Sure, that may be beneficial to their self-esteem, but it doesn't change the fact that they could be setting themselves up for more serious health complications by ignoring the keg resting on top of their six pack. Just like your last AA meeting, the first step is to admit you have a problem. That means stepping up and facing the cold, hard numbers.

Six Weight Loss Tips to Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster

Losing weight and keeping it off is a favorite topic of conversation. Everyone wants to share information about the new diet that promises success, the pill, tea, or shake that burns fat, or the newest exercise trend that is supposed to burn more calories than any other. It is a topic often charged with emotion, and leaves many feeling confused and frustrated. The thought of trying once again to lose weight is depressing and exhausting. However, once you really make up your mind to focus both your heart and head, the science behind weight loss is really not that complicated. You need to eat less and move more. See if any of these tips can energize you to kick the quick fix approach and finally get real about losing weight.

Here's What I Found About Losing Weight

It is not everything you are told in the mass media and the net that works. Numerous of the hints given only add more to your weight. The hints given in this article, when tried out will help you lose weight fast, healthy and permanently as well. Now, let's take a look at these information concisely. Do a good deal of exercise. Yes, I know you have heard of this before. But what you have not been told about exercising is that you don't have to take a whole day off. You can engage in some activities and still be exercising. For instance, making use of the staircase instead of the elevator is a form of exercising. Doing this twice or thrice a week will burn the fats in your body.

How To Lose Weight Very Quickly - Is It Possible?

If you are looking for how to lose weight very quickly, let me be the first to help you be a bit more realistic. You can lose weight quickly but you need to be smart about it. As we get older (and lets face it, we are getting older) our system slows down and our body starts to hold on to those extra pounds that just weren't there when we were younger. For those that thought you would age like a fine wine, what has the real result been? If you are anything like me, then your body has started to keep those extra unnecessary pounds around. No fun, is it? Trust me, I know. If you are tired of feeling tired all the time then read on. If you want to get rid of that tough to lose weight than read on.

How to Lose Weight and Still Have Yummy Snacks

The age old question about dieting is how do you lose weight and still enjoy yourself. The basic premise of losing weight is you need to expend more calories than you consume which means you need to eat less. I was having great success on the South Beach Diet but I had one problem I really missed snacks. I love to have snacks and I am not talking about some stalks of celery. I highly recommend the South Beach Diet because it helped me lose 45 pounds in a healthy manner over the course of six months. I was able to lose weight and also lose some of my medical problems so it is definitely is one of the good ways to lose weight but the snacks they recommend are really not the best.

Is Hoodia Gordonii A Myth Or A Miracle Plant?

Hoodia Gordonii is a type of cactus that grows primarily in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The San Bushmen tribe have eaten the plant for years, using it to stave off hunger and thirst when away on long hunting trips. After its discovery, scientists spent years researching how to effectively isolate the compound P57, which is responsible for dramatic weight loss. Now Hoodia is available in pills, liquid Hoodia, patches and even chewing gum. The media latched on to Hoodia in a bid to find out the truth about this amazing plant's appetite suppressant properties, and have given hugely positive reports on it's effects. Hoodia has been featured on Oprah, CBS, NBC, 60 Minutes and many others, as a safe and effective way to lose weight.

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