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How To Find Perfume If You Have an Allergy?

Perfume is recognized for its aromatic scent and is a way of showing your personality. The aim of wearing it is to smell the way you desire. Perfume is comprised of alcohol, water and perfume (fragrance) oil. Its intensity is decided with the concentration of solvents in mixture. Most commonly used solvent for perfume is ethanol. Perfume itself is simple to make and the trick is to put the essential oils together creating a smell you like. Did You Know? The basic formulae for custom made perfume is 15% to 30% essential oil, 70% to 80% of pure grain alcohol, such as vodka, and 5% of distilled or bottled spring water, however the precise formulae of commercial perfumes are kept secret.

'Tis A Lonely Road To Denver - The Never Say Die Spirit Of Hillary Clinton

It has been yet another long, grueling day, hasn't it been? Is that a sleeping pill I see on the side table there? Beside the glass of water, yes that one. Go easy on the pill thing, Hillary. It is still a long road ahead. This is no fun, is it? This transformation from top dog to underdog. Sad, that the once cheerful and bustling caravan is emptying out. People who used to hang by your every word, who looked up to you like you were some diva... now have a different look about them altogether. Which you do not like at all. Oh no no no, you don't like the look of pity - they pitying you! imagine! - at all. And look how quickly they are disappearing from the room - there aren't any good-byes either.

Women In The World Of Technology - Has The Paradigm Shifted?

Many might loosely define technology as "the greatest evolution in the last century." Afterall, it has certainly become a staple of not only our life-styles, but also a key component to our economy. In the last decade alone, the entire globe has traveled through many cycles of both progression, and growth. It's true, that there is a stigma that the world of technology is "a man's domain, " but women have a different perspective. Fortunately, the industry has excelled through a paradigm shift that not only INCLUDES women, but recognizes and acknowledges the contributions that women have made to the industry. There are organizations comprised of women that have achieved significant levels of success in the technology and related fields.

Underwear Matters - Defy The Lines

There are so many beautiful women out there of all skin types, tones & sizes. We each have our own individuality that makes us unique. Some are good at business, some at baking, others at charity, maybe, and then you have those who focus in on fashion and creativity. But regardless of what you do, we all have an image to uphold, and hopefully, we all have a life outside of 'what we do' where our appearance matters, as well. So, where I am going with all this? Well, if you are going to take the time to look the part for any event, whether it is work, play or a date, please consider all the essentials, and don't leave out ANYTHING, including what goes on under that fabulous outfit you're going to wear!

A Nation Without Woman

The door opened with a piercing sound... In came Kiran running like a wild bird. Her self was drenched in sweat.. her hands trembling. Her eyes wide open.. Like a bird just being unchained and relocated to a cage.. A cage called Ethics.. A cage of so called "Religion". She sat right next to her mother without having a thought that the only difference between herself and her mom is that her mom got wrecked some 30 years before her.. "Maa... Is it crime to be a woman??" " I don't want to live maa... I want to sleep in your lap, forever. I feel scared... of those eyes, of those hands who desire to check me like I am just a piece of meat.. "Am I just a piece of flesh?

Is There Really A Technique To Burning A Scented Candle

There are a lot of people who enjoy burning candles. I am one of them. They can make your home smell fresh and clean or will fill your home with spices and herbs. Candles can take you to a tropical wonder, set a sensual mood, or bring you home for the holidays. How do you make candles last longer? Do you enjoy burning votives but can't get then to last? The first thing you should do is check around. Make sure the area is free of articles that could catch on fire. Turn off any air purifiers. They have a tendency of filtering the scent. I always recommend turning off any ceiling fans and make sure there is not a draft. This will help prevent the flame from altering the performance of the candle.

Top 3 Travel Light Tips For Stylish Women On The Go

No need to worry about exceeding the luggage limit when you travel if you bring only the bare necessities. No need to travel like a monk. You can dress very well and look perfect at all times, right out of the suitcase. The trick lies in careful planning. Tip #1. Plan Your Wardrobe Do you look good in black? If you do, then lucky you. Just get 1 long sleeved black top 1 short sleeved black top 1 black camisole 1 pair of black pants 1 pair of jeans 1 long black skirt 1 short black skirt Several sets of underwear 2 or 3 comfortable outfits to sleep in. Okay, you could mix, black with white or go for brown/tan/earth tone clothes instead of black if those suit you better.

Is There A Place For Women In The World Of Horse Racing?

You might not think so, but history reveals otherwise. The world of horse racing may be dominated by men, but there sure are a handful of women who have made a mark for themselves and all other female horse racing enthusiasts. Horse racing is a male-dominated sport, gaining for itself the title, "The Sport of Kings". But today, it might as well be called "The Sport of Kings, Queens, and Princesses" with the impressive number of women trainers, breeders, and jockeys! Horse races is popular the world over, and it has been gaining more and more women enthusiasts over the years. Today, there are a large percentage of women, playing competitive and important roles at high level horse races and prestigious horse tracks.

Women's Personal Safety Secrets - Confident Body Language, The 2 Personal Safety Secret

"Speaking this language can save your life." As women, we are extra tuned in to what people are saying even when they are not speaking words. This second Women's Personal Safety Secret should, therefore, make a lot of sense. Making the tips into habit will take a little more work but will be well worth it! We know, from Personal Safety Secret #1, that the attacker mindset includes low self-esteem, feeling insecure and out of control. This means attackers are already in a weakened state. In order to get the "power fix" they desire, they must succeed at the attack. This inspires them look for someone who appears weaker than themselves. Looking weak and being weak are two different things.

Somebody's Woes My Story

Last Sunday, I was taking a morning walk in the local park, near my house. Suddenly, a piece of newspaper came flying and stuck onto my face. I wanted to throw it away when I realized that it was a Hindi newspaper. The Sunday column had something to say. I took out my pocket notebook and began to translate. This is what came out: My heart has been palpitating strangely since I woke up this morning. Yes, I remember, it is Sunday today. Every Sunday it happens to me that I wake up early in the morning at about 4 O' clock and I begin to think unnecessarily. I think about the dark eclipse that has cursed my family's happiness, the agony of seeing my husband embraced tightly in my arms, my son's dark present and gloomy future.

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