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Do Women Really Need Self Defense Products?

Hey guys don't be put off by the title. Each of you has at least one woman in his life who can use this info. So it is for you too! Women are attacked by at least a four to one margin over men. Unfortunately they have to go thru life wondering when it is going to happen to them NOT IF-WHEN! I am not trying to make all women paranoid just increase their awareness about what is a real problem-assaults of any kind on women. I remember when I was a kiddo going off to college. The sense of excitement, the freedom all the warm fuzzy stuff back 100 years ago. I think things were different then. Nowadays when parents send their daughters off to college they need to know these facts: 1.

7 Tips On Making Your Breasts Look Bigger

Full breasts are commonly associated with femininity and sexiness, so it is easy to see why many girls feel unconfident, if nature didn't bless them in that department. Many women wish they had bigger breasts, but are not willing to go under the knife to achieve that. But not every woman knows that it is easy to make small breasts look bigger and more attractive, by wearing particular types of fabric and design. You can follow these simple tips to enhance your bust line and make it visually fuller. Padded bra is your best bet to make your breasts appear larger. The same goes for push-up bras that lift your breasts up and bring them close together, to create cleavage.

The Bridal Dress - For Better or for Worse

Women become fairytale princesses during their wedding. They are dressed in expensive fabrics, damask, silk, velvet, satin, and cloth creatively spun with silver and gold thread or beaded with crystals and semi-precious stones. The bridal dress becomes a feast for the eyes, and rightfully so. The Early Bridal Dress The early wedding dress was not white. The early brides wore their best dress, something they could wear again and again. In those days, only royalty and the very rich wore the beautiful bridal dress replete with jewelry from the family vaults. The purpose was to impress the groom's family with the bride's wealth and connections. When Queen Victoria of England married her first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, her wedding dress changed the way women looked at wedding dresses.

Through the Glass Ceiling

She's a successful entrepreneur and sometime pioneer who jokingly says she doesn't really have a job. But Sahar Hashemi broke the mould in 1995 when, with her brother Bobby Hashemi, she founded Coffee Republic, the UK's first coffee shop chain. Sahar had left a career in law to pursue this business dream without any prior knowledge of retail, management or even coffee for that matter. But asked if making a success of business is harder for a woman she is adamant: "We very much create our own glass ceilings but it's about pushing through them. Certainly in this country it would be a very sad thing if a woman couldn't get ahead or could only get ahead if there was a man to support her.

Are You Having The Right Bra Size?

It is a problem that had been afflicting many women but it was never discussed openly. This has gone on for a long time but thanks to Oprah who brought our attention to the bitter truth. Many women who suffer from the agony of having to put up with the wrong bra size are those who posses a full-bosom that requires extra attention when it comes to choosing a bra size. It is true that more than 60% of women today are wearing the wrong bra size and also style. This is a complete shame as the right bra size can actually make you look a bit leaner and i know you wont believe it, younger. Women who have been exposed to child bearing and the effects of gravity usually suffer from sagging breasts.

The Best Bikini Hair Removal Options

Having a bikini hair removal procedure can be both painful and embarrassing; so many women opt for home removal methods. The difficulty of successfully removing at home, however, is that it is both difficult to reach, and that you may not be able to force yourself to do the sudden pulling on your hair that the treatments require. Professional beauticians offer both hot and clod wax erasing, and are skilled in keeping the pain to a minimum. Finally, doctors and skin care professionals offer expensive but long lasting laser treatment. Bikini Hair Removal Can Be Quick And Neat It's not only embarrassing to have removal performed; it can be extremely uncomfortable simply because of the extra sensitivity of the skin around the bikini line.

Today's Exotic Dancer - Ready to Retire the Tassels?

Exotic dancing, a profession that was, at one time taboo is becoming more normalized in today's society by pop culture, modern day advertisements and recent TV shows such as the Sopranos and Sex and the City. It is depicted in many feature films today and in some cases glamorized. "Your average teen star could go right on a stage without changing clothes" says writer Lilly Burana, a former stripper. (USA Today). It is no longer just a dirty male attraction that used to be hush-hush in many circles but rather a regular Vegas Vacation outing and a traditional bachelor party theme to many of today's young men. Also, they are quite popular on radio shows hosted by Howard Stern and Tom Leykis.

Menses, Now Menopause - Enough Already

One of the foremost menopause symptoms seems to be weight-gain and a change in the overall shape of the woman's body. It is important to keep in mind that this weight gain is normal and to be expected due to lack of exercise and a surplus of calories than to a reduction of hormones. During menopause, you will begin to put weight on around your abdomen, instead of around your hips, thighs, and rear. There is also a hormonal driven shift in the body fat distribution to mid-section fat stores in menopause. Because your metabolism slows as you get older, you need about 200 fewer calories a day to maintain your weight as you get into your mid- to late 40s. As you enter the early stages of menopause, maintaining weight becomes more and more difficult, and losing weight becomes almost impossible.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion is the method of hair extensions that uses a heat clamp to attach extension hair with keratin glue on the end to your natural hair. This method lasts up to four months, and may last even longer. It is recommended to use Remy virgin Indian hair which is the best possible and what I personally use for my clients, but often salons and beauty supply stores will sell hair that claims it is real hair, but is actually hair off the floor at barber shops, and throwaway hair that is dipped in a chemical bath, then coated with silicone to feel soft. However, the silicone coating sheds away after about 2 shampoos. Then, you are left with the throwaway hair attached to your head.

Rape Survivor Safety Tips - Did You Know Rape Survivors Are Likely To Be Attacked Again? Learn Why

It is unfortunately common for rape survivors to be attacked again by someone else. The reason for this is simple, therefore simple to prevent though simple does not necessarily mean easy. You will find that the five reasons this occurs along with the five counteracting safety tips illustrate the simplicity as well as the difficulty in mastering these skills. However, once you develop personal safety habits, you will feel stronger and more empowered in every aspect of your life. 5 Reasons Rape Survivors Are Victimized Again: 1. Most people have never heard the real definition of victim, and that is detrimental to their safety and mental/emotional health.

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