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Oops, I Forgot to Have a Baby

That was the startling headline in one of the leading magazines: "Oops, I forgot to have a baby... " The subject was age 40+ women who suddenly realized that, in the race for career, success, and salary, something had slipped their minds. They'd forgotten to have children - to create a family nest alongside their career nest. The article explored the feelings of women who had devoted their entire lives to their careers and were now spending a good deal of their time and resources on fertility treatments that had no guarantee of success. A recent survey of Thousands of women in the U.S. touched on a highly sensitive issue: How do you define success in your life?

5 Professional Tips On How To Apply Make Up

Painted pouts are making a comeback with new textures and finishes giving the face a modern look. If applied well, lipstick will not only look sexier, buy will last far longer than lip gloss! Perfect-Pout Prep - If you're going to wear a strong color, your skin tone needs to look as even as possible - especially around your mouth - so apply a sheer base on your face and neck. Make sure your lips aren't dry or scaly by drinking plenty of water and using a good lip balm. Expert Application - First, find a lipstick that has enough pigment to stay the course but also has a built-in sheen so it doesn't look heavy. Using your ring finger, dab a color onto your lips around the Cupid's bow - this gives more dimension and a fuller look.

Different Variety of Women' Perfumes That Exist

Most people do not know that there is different body chemistry and because of that there is the need of different womens perfume. By understanding this many women can buy scents and fragrances that are suited to them. If you like wearing perfume and you do not know anything about all the types of perfumes that exist then it will be interesting for you to continue reading this article. Types of Womens Perfume It is differentiated first in the type of scent that it has. There are various scents that are available and it will be important for the wearer to find the one that is appropriate. Perfumes can be defined as being floral, oriental, woody, and fresh or fougere.

Stepping Into Your Beauty

"Stepping into Your Goddess Beauty From the Inside Out" One of the most powerful things we can do in life is to recognize our own amazing power in being a woman. Our beauty resonates from the inside-out giving us an inward and outward radiance that shines forth to the world. It has come a time for your goddess wisdom, purpose, and truth to shine magnificently! How powerful and empowering beauty can be in life as you awaken your true God given abilities to do all you can with all that you have been given. Recognizing your own magic will allow for you to apply new thoughts, senses, actions, behaviors, love, gratitude, and wisdom to your daily life fulfilling your existence in ways you have only dreamed of revealing.

Sagging Boobs! Why and What You Can Do to Help!

Saggy Boobs! Is It Inevitable? The Why and the Ways You Can Help Your Boobs Stay Young! Are you boobs losing their perkiness? Is gravity your enemy? Do your breasts point south? Are you aging gracefully? How are your genetics? Does your mother sag? What can you do? Unless you are a flat chested woman, you will eventually sag. Enjoy your perkiness while you have it! Let your boobies stand at attention! Learn why you sag and how to prolong your perkiness. Why the sag? Breasts do not have muscles. They have ligaments, connective tissue, fat, and of course outside skin. Gravity pulls down the ligaments and skin can stretch which leads to sagging. Heavy breasts create a more gravitational pull creating more dropping.

Ladies, Should You Get Your Bone Mineral Density BMD Checked?

Bone density, or how thick your bones are, is currently tested using a bone mineral density test (BMD). The World Health Organization (WHO) has established specific guidelines about what constitutes abnormal bone mineral density. These guidelines are based on how far off the patient's results are from those of the average healthy young woman, using something t scores. Osteoporosis is defined as a t score of less than -2.5, which corresponds to a marked degree of bone thinning. If you have a t score of less than -2.5, you are in the bottom 1% in terms of bone density. Osteopenia is bone thinning that is not as severe as osteoporosis, and is defined as t scores between -1.

Sexy Panties - The Necessity For All Women

Today, sexy panties range from bikinis to boy shorts to thongs and g-strings. Most women own a collection of sexy panties as a part of their basic wardrobes. However, today's panties are a relatively modern invention. Provided here is a guide to sexy panties through the ages. Loincloths The loincloth is believed to have been the earliest form of clothing. In warmer climates, the loincloth was often worn as the only garment. In colder temperatures, however, the loincloth was generally worn as a protective under layer beneath heavier clothing. Both men and women wore loincloths, and the sole purpose is believed to have been comfort and protection, not sex appeal.

The Perfectionist Trap

"Some women feel that they have to be perfect in everything they do at work. They want all of their work and all of their ideas to be brilliant, " reports Carol Deutsch, a communications consultant in Asheville, N.C. Particularly in a new job, Deutsch adds, women often hold themselves up to an impossibly high standard of performance. New jobs -- particularly when they are the result of a promotion -- can be overwhelming and often cause women to doubt their abilities to perform well. "So much to learn. So much expected. Maybe I made the wrong decision, " we often lament. "The person in a new position may interpret her lack of knowledge about the role to mean that she isn't qualified to perform, " acknowledges Joan Harvey, Ph.

Mother's Day - Remember Mother's a Homemaker

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take." - Cardinal Mermillod The crux of feminist theory is the concept of the family. The family is the building block of the society and social scientists over the ages have designated the role of holding this unit together on women. This has not gone down well with the fighters of women's rights. They have objected strongly to this as derogatory to the independence of the woman. They have also stressed on the necessary of economic independence for the woman to raise her voice against male oppression. In the modern age, women have been able to throw off the shackles to a large extent.

Status of Women

Women's Empowerment INTRODUCTION There is an extreme manifestation of unequal social relations between men and women within the family and the economy. The state fails to transform the existing social relations based on dependence, oppression and exploitation. Socio economic arrangements of sex / gender based disparity are reflected in lower wages for women, their under reporting in the labour force and the disadvantaged position of women in health and education. The constitution of India declared the equality of sex as a guiding principle. As such family should be basically an egalitarian unit founded on equal rights of the individuals who form a family. The subordination of women to men pervades family life in all classes and castes in India.

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